Halfway Done with the MTC!!

Hey Mom & Dad!

Sorry I haven’t written for a bit.  It’s pretty busy over here.  On top of that, a lot of it is repetitive, so there’s not a ton of news.  I’ve seen three guys from my graduating class now (Boone Christianson, Luke Kennard, and Taylor Roy).  I’ve managed to get a picture with Luke, but I’ve yet to get one with the other two.

I don’t send my memory card back too often for the same reason.  It would just be of the same stuff.  I’ll try my best to take more, but once I get to Italy is when the cool pictures will start.  But I’m almost halfway done with the MTC!!  This Tuesday will be a 3-week countdown mark.  We fly out on the 23rd.

I had to go to the Salt Lake City consulate for my visa.  I had to be there in person, but I got to look at my itinerary though!  It’s this:

Salt Lake City (12:15 pm). . . . . . Dallas, TX (3:55 pm)
Dallas, TX (4:45 pm). . . . . . London – Heathrow (7:50 am)
London – Heathrow (11:00 am). . . . . . Rome – Fiumicino (2:20 pm)

Quite a journey!  But please don’t show up at the airport. 😉

Thanks for the Tylenol.  It helped a ton.  I just had a bit of a sore throat.

They are letting the missionaries watch fireworks!  I’m excited.  I’m not sure whether or not we’ll get to go to the temple field or not.

Regarding the airport, I can make a 15-minute call from Salt Lake I believe.  There may or may not be a time limit.  But be ready for a call on the 23rd in the morning!

I’m trying to think of things I need, but I don’t think there is.  Except hair gel, but I can probably just get that from the bookstore myself.

Tell Ash happy birthday from me!  I sent her card off a few days ago.  She should hopefully have gotten it by now.  I’m writing this on Sunday, her birthday.

I still haven’t seen Elder Bascom.

The Brother Mortensen that teaches me has no relatives in CA.

Anziano Jones


One thought on “Halfway Done with the MTC!!

  1. Don’t tell anybody, but I actually did consider showing up at the airport to say goodbye before he leaves for Italy. But now that I know he can call us from the airport, I’ll just settle for talking to him on the phone. I sure do miss him!

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