A Super Secret Computer Lab and a Soccer Match?

Hey Famiglia!

So as of yesterday, there were exactly 21 days (3 weeks) until I depart for Italy.  I am super excited to go.  I’m ready to get out of the MTC.  I love it here, but it is a bit tedious.  I am extremely excited to get out in the field and be able to make my own breakfasts with super fresh Italian ingredients/food.  I want to make some crazy yummy omelets with the eggs and fresh cheese I can find there.  Unfortunately, the Provo Temple is now closed, so I can’t head over there anymore.  So I’m now typing this when I’d normally be at the temple.  I only took about 3 or 4 good pictures this week, so I’m going to try and attach them rather than mail over my card.  It will be a lot easier that way.  We managed to find a super nice, super secret computer lab underneath a building, which is where I’m typing this.  Hopefully I’ll be able to send the pictures in another attached e-mail with these computers after I write this.  Taylor Roy is already gone as of this morning.  He came in a week after me, and was only here for two weeks because he’s headed to Oregon.  Best of luck to him!

Boone Christianson’s classroom is in the same building as mine, so I get to see him quite a bit, even though my schedule is quite different.  He has to have breakfast at 6:30 (which he said he has to get up at 5:30 for), then lunch at like 11, then dinner at around 4.  I much prefer my own schedule.  It’s perfect, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I do have a picture with me and him to send, and I also got a picture with Luke Kennard at the temple the other day.  I’ll send both of those.  That’s so great to hear about Joey Zambrano’s mission call!  Hopefully we can find out when he leaves. I sent him a letter last week because there’s actually a girl I know from the Laguna Niguel stake here that was a year older than me, and we’re both friends with Joey.  I haven’t heard back from him personally, but hopefully I’ll get a letter from him sooner or later!

Last night’s devotional was given by Matthew O. Richardson, the Second counselor of the Sunday School General Presidency.  He had some really cool thoughts about missionary work.  His main line was based on a magic square figure, captioned with “What e’er thou art, act well thy part”.  I thought that was a really neat lesson.  He also had tons of other applications to other things, such as becoming a “real” missionary (based on his story of a 5 year old girl asking her Grandma if that man over there was a “real missionary”), and our mission calls.  I’d actually appreciate it if you could make a copy of my mission call and send it to me so I can read it again.  There are always so many messages that you can take away from devotionals, and you always come out uplifted and refreshed.

My “refreshment” checkpoints of the week are always Sundays, Tuesday night devotionals, Wednesday (P-DAYYYYYY!! 🙂 ), and “venerdi notte calcio” (Friday night soccer).  We always play Milano versus Roma on Friday nights in soccer.  Hopefully I haven’t already told you this.  Last night Roma lost after the Milanos cheated and recruited a soccer player who played in college.  He scored 4 of their 6 goals, and assisted the other 2.  The Romans scored 4 of their own.  I didn’t manage to get one this week; I spent most of the time running after the college player.  Hopefully they don’t decide to use him this Friday.  But regardless, we’re going to do work.  The Milanos are now ahead in the series 1-0, with one tied game the week before.  The Romans are going to make a come-back.

It’s gotten to be just a normal thing now of getting up at 6:30, and sometimes 6.  It’s not really too hard anymore, thankfully.  But unfortunately during language study times I do catch myself nodding off sometimes at my desk.  It can get very tiring during the day.  I’m planning on taking a short nap later this P-day to catch up on some energy.  I also have a haircut scheduled for 12 today.  I went to the bookstore and bought a cheap bottle of gel that seems to work just fine.

Everyone in our district is excited to watch the fireworks of the Stadium of Fire tomorrow!  There’s going to be a program before it with some cool musical numbers and such.  This week is an easy week to get through because of it.  We stared at the hot-air balloons this morning and wished we could be on them.  We’re pretty jealous.  It is going to be awesome.  It would have been horrible if we had to just be inside our rooms studying while we could hear all of the explosions outside.  There’s no way I could have focused.  On top of that, my companion got a package with some little poppers in it.  We can’t wait to go nuts with them.  Don’t tell on us.

Health wise, I did have a bit of a sore-throat/cough/runny nose combo last week for a few days, but I officially feel 100% back.  It didn’t really keep me from doing much, but it was a bit of a bummer to have.  The only thing that matters to me is that I’m healthy when we take off to fly across the Atlantic.  I’d hate to be on that long of a flight from Dallas to London while being sick.  I don’t think it will be a problem finding a payphone.  But worst case scenario is that I’d probably call from Dallas if I couldn’t in Salt Lake.  But once I’m across the Atlantic, there’s no way I’ll be able to call without paying $20/minute or whatever it is.  That’s another reason why the Church has their missionaries Skype.  Skype is free with the internet!

Well, I’m about out of time.  Thanks for the apple pie!  That sure was a treat.  I absolutely loved it.  I’m definitely one of the ones who gets the most packages.  I’m definitely spoiled :).  I also get at least one DearElder or letter a day, which is great.  There’s only been one day when I didn’t get anything from anyone, and that was a sad day :(.  Even a 3-sentence DearElder is great!  I’m going to save some time to try and attach my pictures.

Anziano Jones

Left to right:  Elder Kelley, Elder Smith, and Elder Romano holding up some of their mail.  I think the sad faces are because they want to receive more.  According to Craig, “Getting letters is the best thing in the MTC!  🙂 “

Craig with his friend Luke Kennard at the Provo Temple.  Luke is one of his friends from Timpview High School.

Craig with Boone Christianson, another one of his Timpview friends.


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