The Countdown to Italy

Hey Famiglia!

It’s Saturday evening, and the first real opportunity I’ve gotten to sit down and write a letter!  Sorry!  4th of July was great, and thanks for the brownies!  My district and I loved them.

It turns out that Sasha works in the mail room now!  She went and got my brownies for me.  It was cool seeing a friend again!  Except it’s kind of awkward.  Oh well.  And thanks for the package with the chips and beef strips!  I can’t believe you copied and sent my call so fast!  It was great reading it again.

Unfortunately, venerdi notte calcio [Friday night soccer] got stormed out because of poor weather conditions.  We’ll take care of it next Friday.

So it turns out that once I get out into the field, I can spend over an hour a P-day on e-mail.  I guess we get a little more time.  It’s up to the mission president, though.  That’ll be good because an hour is hardly enough here in the MTC, and I’ll have lots more to write about in the field!

In other news, I’ve bought a nifty new MULTIPEN!   Missionaries get an odd feeling of joy when they get new office supplies.  I’ve also bought my very own oil container with oil, just like you Dad!  I feel like a real missionary now after having done that.  I got to consecrate it on my own as well.  That massive 40% discount on the bookstore items that are already heavily subsidized by the Church is great.  It makes the $6 we get each week go a long way!  The pens helped with note-taking in PMG a ton better, which is the main reason I got it.

All is well, and the countdown is now at 17 days left!  But I’ll have to drop this off Monday morning, so you probably won’t get this letter until Tuesday, or possibly even Wednesday, unfortunately :(.  Sorry!  It’s hard now to write letters, and it’ll be even harder once I’m in Italy and it takes a looooong time for letters to make it across the ocean!  We’ll probably have to do mainly e-mail.

I’ve had a great time here in the MTC, but I’m even more excited to get to Italy.  Who wouldn’t be?

Well, I don’t want to write too much and leave nothing for Wednesday, but all is well!  I may add more tomorrow.

July 7th, 2013  Sunday

Well, I got back from Elder Bednar’s “Character of Christ” talk given last Christmas.  It absolutely blew my mind!  I’ll talk more about it in my e-mail on Wednesday.

Thanks for being the best parents ever!  I love all the letters, packages, and support I get.  I’m really lucky to have it all.  I didn’t really start to appreciate all you’ve done for me until the last few months of high school.

I’ll send this off tomorrow morning, Monday.

Anziano Jones

Craig’s friend, Sasha, who is now working in the MTC mail room, took this picture of Craig.  He is holding the box of BYU mint brownies that we sent to him and his roommates, as well as the DearElder letters that we sent him.


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