I Sure Miss You All Lots!

Thursday Night:

Hey Famiglia!

I got a really nice Shutterfly photo booklet from the Rizkallahs today!  It was fun to see some of the pictures they had.

So I managed to find out Boone’s unit #.  It’s unit 192.

I loved seeing Mak’s new car on P-day.  It looks really nice.  That’s fantastic news about the cars!  I’m so lucky!

I can’t wait to see that new theater setup!  It sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

I’m trying my best to hold the camera as still as I can, but sometimes the pictures just don’t come out like I want.  I’ll keep trying my best to keep it still!

Thanks for forwarding those e-mails.  It helped a ton.  I also forgot to mention, but I was super happy to hear about my AP scores!  Success.

So I’m not sure what the Facebook situation will be in Italy, but I may or may not have to take back control of my account if they do have us start to utilize our Facebooks.  We’ll see.  Anziano Smith’s sister (aunt?) said she went to a family history library and there were 8 elders and 4 sisters using the Internet to contact people already.  We’ll just see what President Waddoups has to say.

I’m glad you’re liking that new juicer!  It sounds delicious.  I can’t wait until I get to head out to Italy and eat real food!  The MTC food is decent, but it’s not the best.  You can’t beat Italian food.

I loved all the pics you sent me in the last e-mails.  They were great to look at.

Friday Night Update:

The Romans have unfortunately lost again which means we can’t have a chance to come back in the series.  Oh well.  We’re better looking anyways.  We may start playing every gym time now.  I’m not sure.

I’ll put this in the mailbox first thing tomorrow morning.  I’m sorry you don’t hear from me too often.  Since I e-mail on Wednesdays, I typically don’t have too much more to write about until Friday or so, which means I don’t send a letter until Saturday, which probably won’t get to you until Monday, if that makes sense.  But I got the candy bar box with the Stake Youth Committee testimonies today.  Thanks a ton!  My district is enjoying them.

So we leave the MTC at 7:30 on the 23rd to the airport.  So probably expect a call around 9-10:30 on the 23rd.  I’m spending $5 at the bookstore for a prepaid phone card that has 500 minutes on it, but each call takes 150 minutes off regardless if the call lasts that long or not.  But it’s a pretty good deal.  So basically I get like 4 calls with it for however long I want.

I’m hoping they (President Waddoups) will let us shoot quick e-mails once we arrive in Rome to let you all know we’ve arrived safely.  But he may not.  We’ll have to see.  It sounds like I may have to pay around a $60+ fee or so if I can’t get my suitcase under 50 lbs.  I’ll try my best, but it was like 58 lbs at home, and now I only have more things (books, language materials) now after the MTC.  It may be a stretch.

Thanks for all of the DearElders and packages!  I love how I can almost just expect one or two DearElders a day.  I’ll miss those once I get to Italy.  Thanks again for all the great stuff you’ve sent!

Are you going to update the display downstairs with a new HDTV or projector or something, or are you just going to update the sound and install the cabinets?  Either way I’m sure it’s going to be awesome.

I’m glad Mak’s car is turning out nice!  That new windshield sounds nice.  And I’m sure the Versa will go fast.  Those are popular cars in Utah.

Well, it’s bedtime now.  Thanks for the nice card!  I sure miss you all lots!  I hope Ash finds her mail key so she can read that card I sent.

Anziano Jones


2 thoughts on “I Sure Miss You All Lots!

  1. Dearest Elder Craig, I wonder if you have gotten any of our mail. I comment on almost everything. We miss you even more now that you will be in Italy soon. Grandpa is doing very good and our yards are beautiful. I love you and dwell on some old memories of your boyhood here. We laughed a lot and just being with you was a joy. I know you will surprise the Italians, just smile, that is a winner. We love you and wish you Blessed Luck on your mission. Grandpa and Grandma Lowe

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