Bound for Italy

Hey Famiglia!

Congrats on your Facebook page, Mom!  That’s weird that my phone was on!  I’m glad I was at the MTC, too.  I’ve enjoyed it here.

I’ve already seen Dax quite a bit.  He’s in the same building and same floor as me.  I’ll try and get a picture of us together before I go.

July 19th, Friday

Hey again!

I got the package with all of the snacks and ties and shoe polish today.  Thanks a ton!  The shoe polish absolutely saved my shoes.  They were looking pretty bad.  After I polished them, they looked great.  Thanks again!

We did “In the Field Orientation” today instead of class.  It was pretty fun.  We just worked on how to do lots of things like work with the Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and get referrals and such.  It’ll help out lots once we get there.  Thanks for the info about mosquitoes and stuff.  I’m glad I have the repellent.  You have been so generous in helping me!  I really appreciate it.

Well, there’s really not too much more to talk about other than we only have 2 more days of class and language study!!!  Sunday we don’t really study the language.  We save it for more spiritual stuff.

I expect if I send this tomorrow, Saturday, you’ll probably get it Monday or at least by Tuesday.

Can’t wait to call you!

Anziano Jones

Craig ran into one of our neighbors, Madi Hill, at the temple.

Craig’s roommate, Anziano Kelley, with one of their teachers, Fratello Weller.


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