Final Photos from the MTC

Craig just e-mailed these photos to us.  They were taken on his last day at the MTC.

Then ten members of Craig’s MTC district.  These ten guys are now serving in different cities all over Italy.

The three MTC teachers who taught Craig and his district how to speak Italian.  All three of these teachers previously served missions in Italy, and the sister just got home from her mission a few months ago.  She would often participate in role-plays with the missionaries where she would pretend to be someone investigating the church, and they would have to teach her a missionary discussion in Italian.

Craig with Fratello Weller.

Craig with Fratello Mortenson.

Craig with Sorella Miles.

Craig said this is his customized Book of Mormon.  It must be in Italian.

Craig with his friend, Dax Raymond, in the MTC cafeteria.  They have known each other since fifth grade.  Dax happens to be going to the Russia Vladivostok Mission which is the exact same area in Russia where Craig’s sister Makayla is from.


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