First Baptism

Hey Famiglia!

I hope you enjoyed the letter I sent! Ha ha! Sorry, I had to try it to see if it would actually work or not. It baffles me that they let things like that go through. [Craig is referring to a letter he mailed to us from Italy, but instead of putting a stamp on it, he glued a little photo of one of the general authorities of the Church, and the letter actually got here!  It doesn’t even have a postmark on it.] I bought that Italian coat, too. It’s very nice. I’ll be sure to get a picture with me in it!

So I’ve got some exciting news. I’ll be having my first baptism this Saturday! Wahoo! We’ve got a second one scheduled for the 31st of August. We are very excited.  She’s from Ghana. Her sister and her sister’s husband are both members.  She is super awesome.  She actually speaks Twede, but a little bit of English.  We’ve taught her in English, which has been a lot of fun.  I’ll be doing the confirmation this Saturday evening (not in Church the next day because our new member will be out of town), and either our convert’s brother or Anziano Burton will baptize her, depending on whether our convert’s brother has to work or not. We are super excited.

Saturday will be fun. We have a beach-ball volleyball branch activity in the morning on the base, then we’ll go down to Pozzuoli for the baptism (the closest place with a font). That church has an absolutely AMAZING view from it of the ocean. It’s where we held zone conference. I managed to snag a picture of it. I got to share my testimony in zone conference. I gave it in Italian, even though my Italian still is pretty stinky.

We got to drive down in the van with President and Sister Waddoups and the assistants. There was another Elder who came with them who had an appointment at the hospital on the base the next day. Also, we went on scambii’s (splits) with the President’s assistants who spent the night at our house after zone conference on Monday. It was super awesome. They don’t have many opportunities to do classic missionary work because they are so busy doing office errands etc., so they were super fiery. We managed to find 12 strong potential investigators and get their phone numbers in just about 3 hours. It was insane. Finding does work! A lot of elders hate doing finding, but I’ve found that it’s pretty fun. We haven’t had to do it much yet because most of our days are filled with appointments.

Our work is exploding right now, despite Ferie Agosto [Most Italians go on vacation during the month of August]. We are super excited. Aside from our 2 baptisms this month, we have a large pool of investigators along with all of the potentials we need to get out and contact. I think there’s a very likely chance that we may be able to have 4 baptismal dates on the calendar which would be amazing.

Anyways, Italy is treating me fantastically. We have a dinner appointment tonight on the American base. The family we are visiting is extremely nice. They said they are making Mexican, which sounds fine by me.

Today for P-day we spent it in, or rather, above Napoli. We went to Castel Sant’Elmo. It sits on a hill that sits above all of Napoli. The view from it is absolutely INCREDIBLE. It was awesome, and the breeze felt very nice. We’ve been really busy, and we are enjoying our time here! Caserta is really awesome. We finished the pizza tower in our house (well, it hit the ceiling) and are starting a second one. The only problem is that we haven’t had too much time to get pizza because we’ve been teaching so many lessons. The Africans we teach are amazing at bringing friends to church. It’s like a chain of awesome investigators and ward missionaries!

Oh, and I gave my first talk in Italian on Sunday. Yikes! I think it went okay though.  I’m going to start uploading pictures and stuff.

Anziano Jones

These first pictures were all taken on P-day when Craig and his companion went to a castle called Castel Sant’Elmo that overlooks Naples.

Craig with his companion, Anziano Burton, who is from Holladay, Utah.

Craig said he loves seeing the cruise ships in the harbor and living in a place where people go on vacation.

Craig used the panorama function on his camera to take this photo.  Click on it to see the beautiful view of the Italian coastline.

I think this photo is gorgeous.  Click on it to see a larger image.

Craig at zone conference with Sorella Christiansen.  She is the sister of his good friend, Boone Christiansen.

The rest of these photos are from zone conference and were posted by Anna Waddoups on the Mission Blog.  She has tons of photos on there from the conference, but I am just sharing the ones that Craig is in.

Craig sharing his testimony at zone conference.

Craig and his companion, Anziano Burton.


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