A Pretty Perfect Baptism!

Hey Famiglia!

I’m glad you had a lot of fun on your trip to Kentucky, Mom! That’s good to hear about the AP Scholar award! I’m glad the grandkittens are doing well, and yes, we do teach discussions in Italian, Dad! We’ll have one Italian lesson hopefully every day or two.  And dang!  I laughed pretty hard when I saw Anziano Romano in his new fitted Italian shirt! I can’t believe he actually got one.  [Craig is referring to this picture of his MTC roommate that I included in my email to him.  I think Anziano Romano looks quite stylish in his Italian shirt!]

Note:  In the next couple of paragraphs, the names of the investigators and converts have been changed.

I don’t know where to start this week! Well, the baptism did happen and it was absolutely awesome! I ended up doing the actual baptism. We were hoping that Elizabeth’s (the new convert) brother-in-law would be able to make it to do it, but unfortunately he had work. So everything went pretty smoothly. It was kind of difficult to perform the actual ordinance unfortunately. I was trying to explain where she should put her hands, and when to plug her nose and stuff, and that she should bend her knees. I could tell she was kind of nervous. It was hard because she doesn’t speak English well at all. Then when it came time to dunk her she practically jumped backwards.  I don’t think she bent her legs at all and almost ended up hitting her head on the wall. That was pretty scary! I did my best to keep her away from it. After that I played a piano solo for the baptism that everyone seemed to like. I played Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing. The refreshments some members of the ward brought were absolutely awesome, so over all it was a pretty perfect baptism!

Craig, Elizabeth, and Anziano Burton.

Also, I want to share a cool story about one of our newer investigators, Zacharias. He’s another African. 🙂 I feel like I’m really on a mission to Ghana at the moment. 😉 He’s come to church for a couple weeks now. At Church this past Sunday there were absolutely no investigators that showed up at first. We thought we were going to pull a zero, thinking “Aw man, it’s Ferie Agosto, it’s alright” but then a little of the ways into Sacrament Meeting Zacharias came in and we were super excited. We took the opportunity to teach him a lesson during the second hour since nobody was there in Gospel Principles which we normally teach. Anyways, we went through the whole Restoration with him, and at the end we were both testifying to him. When I mentioned that I knew that God knows each of us and loves us, he stopped me and shared how he knew that was true. Apparently around 7 months ago he had a serious knee problem and needed surgery if he wanted to be able to continue to work and stuff, which he desperately needed, but he said there was no way he’d be able to afford it because it was so expensive. But then he prayed to God and asked for help. Shortly afterward he met a man who either was a surgeon or worked in the hospital, and eventually was able to get hooked up with a way to have the surgery done in a way he was able to afford. He was then in rehab for about 6 months, until he was released. He talked about how he knew it was God that helped him with that problem. Then he shared how after all that he was wondering what church he should go to, and prayed about it.  Then our other investigator Alberto invited him to come to the Mormon church with him. We’d invited Alberto to invite his friend, who turned out to be Zacharias. And that’s how we found Zacharias. He says he felt like he knew “God was with this Church” after he came the first Sunday, which I thought was really cool. He accepted our baptismal invitation for the 14th of September. I think we’re planning on moving both Alberto (previously the one with the date for the 31st) and Zacharias to the 14th, so they can be baptized together. We’re very early in the teaching for both of them, so we hope we don’t hit any hang ups.

The members of Craig’s district in Napoli.  (L-R):  Craig, Elder Burton (his companion), Elder Zemp, Elder Barone, Elder Faggioli (one of Craig’s roommates who is from Orem), Elder Morgan (another roommate), Elder Busdicker, and Elder Jones the zone leader.

Anyways, we had Anziano Jones and Anziano Busdicker stay over and they went on scambi’s with the other elders, Morgan and Faggioli. Anziano Burton and I just stayed together and did our normal work. They are super awesome guys. Anziano Jones is the Zone Leader, and he goes home in a couple of weeks. He cooked some of the best Italian pasta I’d ever had. He’s picked up a ton of tricks over his mission, and we had him cook for us when he stayed over. It was so good. We’ve learned how to make it ourselves now.

Well, all is well here in Caserta. It will be interesting to see how transfers work out! We’ll find out in a week and a half (the next Saturday) who goes and who stays.

Anziano Jones

P.S. We’re going to Pompeii after we e-mail so I don’t have any other pictures to send besides the ones of the baptism… Sorry! So next week there will be double pictures basically!


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