Last Week of the First Transfer

Hey Famiglia!

First thing… Happy birthday Dad!  It’s perfect my P-day landed right on it!  You guys went out to La Jolla Groves!  Lucky ducks!  I hope it’ll be a fun one!  It sounds like Joey had a good time there!

As far as why the food is so good in Italy, I don’t really know.  It could be the super fresh ingredients they use for everything, or something else.  But if you want to be a pizza chef you have to go to like an actual school or course type of thing where you learn how to make it the proper Italian way.  And all the pizza that is made (at the good places at least) is cooked in a brick fire oven and they toss the dough up just like you’d expect to see from a master pizza chef, and they pour on the best cheese and tomato sauce and all sorts of yummy stuff.  When they pull it out of the oven and toss it on the counter the middle of the pizza is like soup and is super hot.  It’s the best stuff!

I’ve managed to dodge eating anything too gross just yet.  But Anziano Morgan and Busdicker were on a companionship swap and they ended up eating either pig tail or pig tongue, they weren’t sure.  I guess I’m not going to try going to a Romanian lady’s house to eat!

Anyways, this Saturday we get transfer calls!  Wahoo!!  It will be really interesting to see what happens.  More likely than not though I’ll be staying in Caserta, but whether or not Burton stays my trainer is the real question!  It could go either way.  He’s been here in Caserta for about 6 months now.  We’ll just have to see!

Caserta got some exciting news this week!  We’ll be becoming part of a new stake in Italy!  It will be combined with some ward in Rome, and Sardegna, as well as some other Napoli districts I think.  We’ll find out what really happens the 15th of September when we’re all going up to Rome for a special conference for the stake split, and Elder Ballard will be here to do it!  That’s something we’re all looking forward to.

I guess soccer season is starting up now, because in the evening we always hear every Italian in the city start to randomly cheer like crazy, then go quiet again.  That usually happens like 2 or 3 times if there’s a game on.  The game is on in every house in Caserta!  Most days there’s fireworks going off, whether there’s a reason or not I don’t really know.  The Italians like to party!

This P-day we decided to stay in Caserta because I had a fingerprinting appointment for my permesso to be in Italy, and also because we’re pretty dang poor at the moment.  We get money at the beginning of each month (actually a day or two before) so we’ll get some cash on Friday or Saturday.  I think we’re planning on playing basketball later.

Italy is treating me great!  It’s starting to cool down a bit now, so I’m glad about that.  It was incredibly hot when I first got here.  The humidity is still a bit of a killer right now though.  The work is a bit slow right now, but we’ll be picking up English course again soon the first Tuesday in September.  Most of the Italians are back from their vacations now.

As far as really exciting updates go… That should be about it!  I’ll have some more news next Monday once we’ve gotten our transfer calls!

I’m glad all sounds like it’s going well at home, and I’m glad you’re excited for football season again Dad!  Be sure to let me know how it goes!  Pictures will be coming soon.  Feel free to ask questions now too!

Anziano Jones

All of the photos in this post were taken in Erculeo, a suburb near Pompeii, when Craig and his roommates went there on P-day last week.

Front to back:  Elders Morgan, Burton, and Faggioli (Craig’s roommates in Caserta).

Craig with his companion, Elder Burton.

Elders Faggioli and Morgan.


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