Stuck in a Tiny Little Elevator

Hey Famiglia!

Wow, that rain storm sounded CRAZY.  Joey sent me a video of it coming down.  I can’t believe how much water there was.  I’m kind of bummed yet happy at the same time I missed out on that!  Right now I’m e-maling from Montesanto in Napoli.  The computer is fine, but this keyboard is awful.  I’m having a hard time typing.  I’m sorry if this e-mail is a bit shorter than usual.  Anyways, the past week has been pretty good!  Anziano Hoover is from Idaho Falls, and we are having a grand ol’ time together!  His first name is Michael.

I also heard that BYU beat Texas!  Yay!  Having American members in the branch is awesome because they can give us football updates. 🙂

Unfortunately on Monday this week we both picked up a bit of a bug or something, and had to stay in on Tuesday.  Our tummies weren’t very happy with us.  But the pizza was still SO good.  In any case it was not the most productive week because we got a little sick.

On Monday night we also went over to help out a less active move some furniture around the apartment, and we got stuck in a tiny little elevator for about 10 minutes. It was super hot and sweaty and not fun.  Elevators in Italy are all super tiny, only room for about 2-4 people in them.  The building manager guy had to come and manually move the elevator to the next floor so the door would open.

Today we are going to the Soterreno in Napoli, otherwise known as the Underground. There’s a ton of ancient ruins, catacombs, and secret passageways and apparently it is super cool.  I’m excited to go see it!  This evening we are going to go play calcietto [soccer] with our investigators, like always.  One of them is the ex-pro soccer player, and he’s bringing us custom jerseys with our names on them just for fun and because he has some cool hook-ups. Anziano Burton got his last week before he left.  They’re pretty awesome.

Well, this next Saturday we’re going up to Rome for the Stake split with Elder Ballard on Sunday.  I’m super excited!  It is going to be super cool.

In any case, last Thursday all of the new greenies came in, officially making me not a greenie!!  That was super exciting for me.  It is kind of interesting to see how far I’ve already come.  They are all super fun greenies.

Anyways, I’ve probably got to start wrapping it up.  I’m sorry for the shortness of the e-mail! I’ve tried my best to get as much out as I could.  We’ve had to push back our 2 baptismal dates because of the Stake split and General Conference.  They’re set for October 12th now.

That’s about all I’ve got!

Anziano Jones


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