Anziano Ballard in Rome!

Hey Famiglia!

So this week was quite an eventful one to say the least.  I’m glad you managed to spot me in the crowd at the conference!  I’ll talk about the stake splitting now first.

Craig is referring to this photo I found on Sister Waddoups’ blog.  It took me about half of a millisecond to find him in the crowd.  (I must be his mother!)

On Saturday evening we got to take a train up to Rome, and we spent the night back in the good ol’ villa.  It was beautiful like always!  Sunday morning we got up at 4:15 and prepared to head out, because Elder Ballard offered to have a special meeting for the missionaries in Rome!  It was absolutely awesome.  I got to shake his hand and he allowed us to ask any questions we wanted.  What an amazing experience.  He had some great advice for us and felt impressed that we should work on talking to the younger population of Italy, which is something we’re going to try to do.  After we had our special meeting with him we headed upstairs for the stake split.

The meeting in which they split the Rome stake.

Caserta is officially a new ward!  Wahoo!  We had to redo all of our stamps etc. to read “Ward of Caserta” rather than “Branch of Caserta”.  We’re pretty excited.  Elder Ballard had some really cool things to say and then charged all of us to work together as missionaries and members.  He pulled us all up front so all of the members could see us, and then had all of the bishops/branch presidents stand up and made the bishops promise to put us all to work. That was a very cool day to be a missionary!

I got to see Anziano Burton and Anziano Rigby in Rome, and I was with Anziano Hoover, so I got to see all of my companions all together in one spot!  It was kind of weird.  I also saw a lot of the Anziani from my MTC district in general.  It sure was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately our washing machine broke this week so we’ve had to take some extreme measures on clothing [I wish he had gone into a little more depth on this topic!], but luckily now it is replaced and all is well.  We still have the two baptismal dates for the 12th of October, the week after General Conference, and we’re looking forward to those!  I’m super excited for General Conference now as a missionary, it will be neat to be able to listen to it.

Zone Conference is this Friday, in two days.  We have interviews with President tomorrow so will actually just be spending the night in Napoli rather than Caserta on Thursday.  The Napoli Anziani are staying in Pozzuoli that night so we get to have their house to ourselves! (The Caserta Anziani).

In other news, Anziano Hoover and I bought a big huge meter long pizza and scarfed it down yesterday.  It was sooooo good, but we were absolutely stuffed by the end of it.  Today we just ended up playing soccer and didn’t really go sightseeing or anything.  We played with all of the Napoli Elders and the Pozzuoli Elders.  It was a lot of fun!  We all ate at a member’s house afterwards.  Italians sure make some dang good pasta!

Craig and his new companion, Anziano Michael Hoover, with their meter-long pizza.

These two photos were taken today after the missionaries played soccer for their P-day activity.

English course is a fantastic way to meet people.  Yesterday we had quite a few new people (thanks to our nifty posters we’ve put up around Caserta :)).  After Anziano Hoover and I did our spiritual thought to close, a couple came up to us and asked us how much the Book of Mormon cost.  That’s one of my favorite questions!  Nevertheless they took one and now we have an appointment set up with them!  Getting new investigators is my favorite.

Well, as far as news goes in Caserta, that’s pretty much it!  I’ve been traveling a lot lately around Italy because of the conference and then Zone Conference coming up.  It’ll be good to get into a more normal routine next week!  It’s made it really hard to schedule regular appointments.

It’s been a busy but good week!

Anziano Jones

These photos were taken on P-day last week.  Craig and Anziano Hoover went back to Capua to see it again.

I’m glad they aren’t serious all the time!

Craig said, “SpartaCane! (a stray that followed us around).”


One thought on “Anziano Ballard in Rome!

  1. Hi! My name is Holly Burton and my son Ben was your son’s trainer in Caserta. He loved your son! We just barely made a blog for Ben’s mission and he wanted me to send it to his old companions moms. We would also love to put your son’s link on Ben’s blog. Is that okay? Write me and I will forward Elder Burton’s link. Thanks!

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