To Caiazzo with the Willies

Hey Famiglia!

Just to start, I got all of the letters at zone conference last Friday.  I really like those ward missionary newsletters.  They are very, very cool!

Being in an Italian Branch like this has shown me how different the Church functions on a smaller level.  It used to feel like things magically happened in Utah as far as activities, etc…  Now there’s a huge responsibility on the Elders on helping the branch function and communicate, especially because the Americans and Italians are all integrated!

What a bummer about the Cougars.  I miss the good ol’ traditional passing style offense they used to put up!  Ugh.  Hopefully they’ll have it back once I come back in a couple seasons! 😉

[Note:  The names of the couple in the following paragraph have been changed.]

Anyways something cool we got to do this week after zone conference was go up to Caiazzo with the Willies so that we could translate for them and help them visit a member who lives out there (about a 45 minute drive from Caserta).  The husband is very sick and the doctors told the couple that he would only have a very short time to live.  We had permission from the branch president to take them the sacrament and give him a blessing and did so.  The wife is a member and the husband, Jacob is not.  Rachel cannot make it to church because it is too far and she has to take care of Jacob for the time being.  When she saw the sacrament she started crying and absolutely loved it.  I thought it was a really cool experience to be able to go with the Willies up there to Caiazzo where it is pretty hard for us to get to.  Jacob has had a remarkable turn-around and is doing well for the time being!

On top of that, Caiazzo is absolutely beautiful.  The Willies took us to a little restaurant on the side of Caiazzo that looked over the whole valley as the sun was setting.  Not only was the view amazing, but this little pizzeria was the best pizza I’ve had so far while being in Italy.  It was called Pepe in Grani.  I wrote it down so I can remember it for when I come back!  I still am keeping my little moleskin journal/pocketbook up-to-date with places to remember and come back to!  Up in the mountains is so amazing.  Rolling hills with a bunch of vineyards and classic Italian homes with stones around them make an amazing panorama!

Today for P-day I went to La Reggia again for Anziano Hoover because he’s never seen it before, and I’d only seen the lower half.  Today we did it all.  The upper half of La Reggia was even better.  It absolutely blew my mind!  The English Gardens were absolutely incredible.  We ran into the Senior couple from Battipaglia, and the Battipaglia sisters at La Reggia too, just by chance.  La Reggia is a big hit for all of the missionaries in the Napoli Zone!  Anziano Faggioli bought a football too and was nice enough to let us take it to La Reggia today.  It was a blast throwing it around and just having a good time!  Anziano Faggioli and Morgan had other plans today, so it was just Hoover and I at La Reggia.

Well, Italy is still as incredible as ever!  The weather is cooling down a lot now, and I’m loving it more and more.  Believe or not, I miss snow!  The heat and humidity of the summer is brutal.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Anziano Hoover, the owner of the restaurant, Sister Willie, and Craig.

Visiting Jacob and Rachel in Caiazzo.

The rest of these photos were taken when Craig and Anziano Hoover went to La Reggia.


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