Lots of News!

Hey Famiglia!

So I’ve got some good news and some bad news…  E-mail may be short today because I don’t have too much time.  I’ll start off with the good!  So it turns out I’ll be staying in Caserta for another transfer with Anziano Hoover!  I’m happy it turned out that way.  Caserta is pretty awesome.  I get to stay in “Little America” for Halloween and Thanksgiving!  That should be fun.  The next transfers are on the 28th of November.

Now for some bad news.  I’ve had an ingrown toenail for about two months now, and it got to the point where it wasn’t really healing at all and I started getting concerned.  Sister Waddoups talked to us about them and how to treat them, and I thought I had it under control, and I had been soaking it in hot salt water and putting antibiotic cream on it and stuff, but it never really improved.  I asked the Willies what they thought about it, and they tried to take me to the Naval Hospital on the American base to get it checked out, but we got turned down there because I’m not a military dependent, and I’m not dying so I wasn’t too critical of a patient.  Afterwards we went to a pretty sketchy Italian public hospital, but it didn’t look like too good of an idea.  I’ve bought some antibiotics and disinfecting soaks, but the Willies sent a picture to Sister Waddoups for her to see.  Sister Waddoups forwarded that picture over to Elder/Doctor Wing in Germany, the big cheese for health issues for all the missionaries in Europe, and he called me on Friday to tell me I needed to head up to Rome, so I’ve spent the weekend in Rome.  I’ve got an appointment at 12:30 today, and it sounds like they’re just planning on taking off half of the toenail, then I’ll probably (hopefully) head back down to Napoli this evening.

Anyways, so that’s the fun stuff that’s going on this week.  On the other hand, while I’ve been in Rome I got to stop by the office and pick up Ashley’s letter, so be sure to let her know I got it!  I’m glad I get to stay in Caserta because I would have been sad if I had to miss my last Sunday and P-day in Napoli!  As far as the changes in Caserta go, Anziano Faggioli is the only one leaving, and he’ll be going up to l’Acquila, where it actually snows!  It’s a very cold place he’ll be spending the next few transfers in!  Anziano Heder is coming to be companions with Anziano Morgan.

On Friday we did a zone blitz to Battipaglia.  A zone blitz is where every single missionary in the zone goes down to a specific area/city and does finding all day.  It was a lot of fun, and we found a lot of success.  We set up 22 appointments or so in one day, with 33 phone numbers and addresses of people to go along with it!

Anyways, I’m glad the Cougars won, and that’s pretty strange about that internet issue at Timpview…  Thanks for the updates, those are awesome!

I don’t really have time to upload any pics, but I’ll send them next week. We got some matching soccer jerseys from an investigator, and we look really good in them!  I guess last P-day was just last Wednesday, so I don’t have a ton to talk about, but it will be sad to see Anziano Faggioli head out to another city!  He’s a good guy to have around.

I’ll let you know how the toe stuff goes next week!  I’m not looking too forward to it, but oh well.  It sounds like I might have to stay off of it for a day or two.  That should be about it for now.

Anziano Jones

A Young Adult activity on the American base.  Craig is in the back on the right.


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