Foot Surgery!

Hey Famiglia!

I’m sorry for yet ANOTHER short e-mail, two weeks in a row.  I’ve missed out on 2 P-days in a row.  I am back in Rome today for my little foot surgery.  Last Monday the doctor told me that I’d need a small surgery on my foot, so I had to come back up to Rome last night.  What the doctor did was cut off one part of my toenail and put some acid up into where the toenail grows out of, so the toenail won’t grow back on that side of the toe, and I shouldn’t have anymore problems in the future.  I’ve got about 10 minutes to e-mail, and I wasn’t able to bring my camera to the office to e-mail with.  I’m sorry the pics will be missing again.  Anyways, all is well and I’ll be heading back down to Caserta tomorrow.  The recovery time is 4-6 weeks, but I’ll probably be rocking my flip flop around Caserta for a few days until I can put on a shoe.  My shoes actually have tons of space in them; I think that I might have trimmed my toenail too close, and then from then on it just got infected.  My shoes are fine, but I might need to buy a new pair next transfer or so because they are wearing through fairly fast.

Anyways, I’ll just keep on typing until they tell me that we need to go.  Anziano Heder is now in the Caserta house, and he seems like a really good guy.  It’ll be a good transfer in Caserta!  We’ll get to be in Little America for Halloween and also for Thanksgiving.  This Saturday there’s going to be a ward talent show and the missionaries were invited to come up with something to do for it.  I think what we’re going to do is eat pancakes with Nutella on them without using our hands.  It should be fun!  It’s going to be a great evening that we can invite our investigators to.  I’ll be sure to get pictures of it!

I’m super excited about the birthday package you’ll be sending!  I really don’t know what to ask for…  I guess I like surprises!  The last package you sent was perfect, and I’m still snacking on the treats you put in.  They actually probably saved me last week while I was in Rome because I was traveling for quite a bit of time, and I didn’t have time to really eat anything.  I’m excited that my birthday lands on a P-day; it’ll be fun! 🙂

Sorry to hear about Mak!  I hope she’s doing okay now.  The basement looks pretty crazy right now; I bet it’ll look cool once it’s done!  I’m also glad the Cougars managed to pull out another win.  That was a high scoring game.  I’m glad your tooth’s doing okay, Dab!  Well, the other Elders are here, so I might need to hop off.

Hopefully everything else is going okay!  I’m still enjoying the awesome pizza, and everything else is going well here!

Anziano Jones


One thought on “Foot Surgery!

  1. Sister Jones: I am wanting advice as to how you are getting the packages to Craig? I want to send a package and have been scared off by all the comments of fees they have to pay at the post office, things getting stolen, etc. What are your tricks if you don’t mind? My daughter is writing to Anziano Shane Busdicker who is now in Rome 5. He knew Craig in the MTC and in his first assignment in Napoli.

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