A Leaf in Her Mailbox

I had to post this because I thought it was so funny. . .  When Craig was at the MTC, he had a roommate named Anziano Nathan Kelley.  Anziano Kelley is now serving on the Italian island of Sicily.  I read his blog every week because I think he is a talented and funny writer.  Anyway, he decided to send his mother a “package.”  He mailed her a giant leaf just by taping her address to it and putting a postage stamp on it.  And his mother, who lives here in Utah, actually got it.  I can’t believe it’s still in such good condition after traveling like that all the way from Italy!


2 thoughts on “A Leaf in Her Mailbox

  1. Sis. Jones,
    Could you please tell Anziano Jones thanks for the great pictures he posts on the blog. It ‘s so fun to see Anziano Faggioli in some of them. I love reading his posts they are so uplifting, is he always so optimistic? I know Jesse will miss Craig now that he has been transferred, but who knows their paths may cross again in the next 10 months. Tell him hello from us.
    Sis. Faggioli

    • Janice, thanks for your kind comment. Yes, Craig is a pretty optimistic guy, and he absolutely loves his mission in Italy. I’m glad that he and Jesse could be roommates in Caserta as Craig has mentioned several times that he liked Jesse very much and that he’s a really nice guy. I will let Craig know that you said hello. Thanks again!

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