Rescued by an Angel

Hey Famiglia!

This week was a pretty crazy one.  I’ll first off mention that Sorrento last week was awesome!  I’m on a pretty good computer today so I shouldn’t have any problems sending pictures.  Sorrento is a very touristy area, but is still very pretty nonetheless.  The city sits on some cliffsides and hills, and has an incredible view of the bay, and down below are some sandy beaches with some boardwalks (the boardwalks were taken down for winter though).  In the summer you can tell that the place would be super busy.  The hotels were all five star hotels and very pretty.  We spent the day strolling around before heading back.

Something that really stunk was that on Wednesday we were on our way back from Napoli after our District meeting.  We reached one of the stops not far out of Napoli and our train stopped there.  We ended up sitting there for about an hour, when we found out that there was a train broken down on the tracks in front of us, and we couldn’t leave the station until it was removed.  We thought it would be a good idea to try and just walk it back to Caserta.  Anyways, after about 2 and a half hours of walking, we still weren’t even close.  We had stopped by one of the smaller stations along the way, but the tracks were still clogged, and the train we were on had about a 3 hour delay.  It was also getting really dark already, which was a problem because we were just guessing our way back to Caserta.  Another bummer was that by then we’d already missed our appointments for the night.  Out in the middle of nowhere, a car pulled over on the side of the road, and asked us where we were headed.  At first I didn’t recognize the guy, but then I realized that he was the fruit vendor right around the corner from us, and recognized us guys in the white shirts because we walk past his shop multiple times every day.  We were rescued!  This guy saved us from at least about another hour of walking.  What an angel!

Other than that we had a bit of a hard week as far as missionary work goes… We received a lot of no shows for the appointments, and lost a night because of the whole train incident.  We’ve received new Standards of Excellence (goals) and we weren’t able to hit any of them this week.  It just didn’t work out.  Hopefully this week will be smoother!

And yeah, I see Junior every Tuesday and Thursday in English course.  He’s already pretty dang good at English.  He’s really funny.  He found my blog after I told him about your cooking blog, and told me he checked out both of our blogs.  He even watched me open my mission call to Italy Rome!  Haha.  He’ll probably end up reading this if it gets put on my blog.  After I sent him back with a Book of Mormon he showed it to his religion teacher and got told that we each have 2 wives and such.  We have good times in English Course!

Speaking of other craziness, I guess the Mafia was hired by other countries’ businesses and such to dispose of their toxic waste, which has been dumped out in the Campania Region (the Napoli area), and has increased the cancer rate a lot.  In Caserta there’s been a lot of riots and protests going on out on the main street in front of the Church.  When Anziano Hoover and I walked back in the direction of the Church there were thousands of people on the street chanting things and running around protesting the dumpage of the toxic waste near us.  All the kids ditch school to go be out on the streets.  Fun times in Italy!

Today for P-day we took one of the teachers from our ward, named Jake out to Napoli so we could help him buy a pair of Italian pants.  He’s e-mailing with us now actually.  His family, the Salvitti’s are INCREDIBLY nice to us and have fed us a few times and given us American goodies.  We agreed to let him tag along and we’d show him around and get pizza with him.  After we’re done e-mailing, Anziano Heder is going to attempt 4 Pelone’s pizzas.  We told him about how Anziano Kasper (One of the AP’s) ate 3 Pelone’s pizzas in 20 minutes, and he wants to beat it by eating 4.  It’s simply not possible.  I can hardly finish one of them when I’m super hungry.  They are MASSIVE pizzas.  We’re giving him about an hour, but I don’t think it’s possible at all.  We’re going to get some fun videos of him trying to shove down 4 pizzas…  🙂  Fun missionary entertainment.  If he manages to pull it off, we all have to buy his pizzas (like 2 Euros a person, not a big deal), but if he doesn’t eat it all, then he’s stuck with the 18£ or whatever it is.

As far as cooking in the apartment, we all take turns for lunch.  For breakfast/dinner, we are on our own with whatever we want.  I typically make eggs and bacon or something for breakfast, and for “dinner” (really just like a bed time snack) I might have a grilled cheese or something, since bread, cheese, and butter are cheap.  I might also have cookies and milk for breakfast too.  Each of us take a turn making lunch, and we’re expected to feed everyone.  Typically we just make pasta, about 750 grams feeds us all really well.  And for the sauce, they leave it up to whoever is cooking to be creative.  Sometimes we’ll throw in sausage, or bacon, or sometimes we’ll buy ravioli.  It just depends.  It averages out that we cook about once a week because sometimes we aren’t in for lunch or we have to skip it because of appointments.  I also buy potatoes because they are a cheap option for getting a good amount of food.  I’ll fry them up in a pan and put pepper and salt on them and stuff.

Well, I’m glad my package is on the way!  I should get it on Sunday.  I have a hunch I may be transferred, but there’s really no way to tell.  It’s not uncommon for a missionary to stay for 4 transfers in an area, but it’s really just up in the air.  I love Caserta a lot, but I’d still be happy to go wherever they need me!  I’ll miss Napoli zone lots if I do go.  It’s awesome!

I’ve gotta wrap it up now.  Bummer about Cougar football, but I’m glad basketball is still doing well!  Thanks for the updates!  Hopefully I have the patience to not open up the different parts of my package…. 😉

Anziano Jones

Most of today’s pictures were taken last week when Craig and his companion helped an investigator to harvest some of his olive trees since the man’s wife was unable to help due to a heart condition.  They use the olives to make olive oil.

The rest of these pictures were taken on P-day last week when the elders went to Sorrento.


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