The End of My Reign in Caserta!

Hey Famiglia!

I have some big news!  I am being transferred out of my first city, Caserta!  My new city will be…. Crotone!  I am super excited.  Anziano Sorgiacamo in Napoli just came from there, and he says that it is an awesome place.  My new companion will be Anziano Robertson.  He’s a few transfers older than me in the mission, but we’re both still pretty young.  I don’t really know anything about him, but I’ll be pulling outa Napoli at 1:55 or so on Thursday to head down.  I sure will miss Caserta though!  It’s been a great place.  I love all of the American members here.  They’ve all been so good to me!  Crotone is right on the ball of the foot (boot), and the church is a block from the ocean.  I hear the apartment has an awesome view of the beach as well, so we’ll have to see!  It will be really different going into a 2-man house instead of a 4-man house.  I’m still super excited though!

On this map, I circled Craig’s current city, Caserta, and his new city, Crotone, which is right on the beach.  If you want a closer look, you can click on the photo and you will get a larger view.

This is a photo of Crotone from Wikipedia.  And the missionary apartment has a view of the beach??  Well, I hope Craig doesn’t accidentally get confused and think he’s on a vacation!

Today we played a really fun Turkey Bowl football game!  Wahoo!  It was a LOT of fun.  It was pretty muddy too, which made it all the better.  We came down to Napoli for our last P-day again, and played in a park here.  It was awesome.  I think I’ll miss the Napoli pizza really bad.

The Turkey Bowl

Congrats about your website Mom!  That’s awesome!  I have mentioned it here or there to people when I’m talking to them here in Italy.  It helps bridge some social gaps if people like cooking.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!  Even though I’ll be traveling on Thursday, our American branch had a Thanksgiving feast last Friday, and I got a TON of turkey, rolls, gravy, stuffing, and the rest of the classics.  Plus some people brought some AMAZING mozzarella di bufala.  It was awesome.  We also got pumpkin pie!  I’ll miss the American goodies lots!

Looking back, I think one of the most special parts of Caserta though was after Elizabeth’s baptism.  It was incredible to see how her life changed after she had been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Before the baptism, comprehension was very hard for her, and she struggled retaining some of the materials we taught her.  It was quite the challenge for her.  But her heart was sincere despite her set backs, and she pushed through to baptism.  Afterwards, there was a whole new light in her eyes.  She was a new person.  It seemed like she was able to read better, she was able to speak English better.  There was even one time when we were at her house doing a follow up lesson after baptism and they had a nonmember friend there who listened to the lesson.  After we invited him to continue taking the lessons, he said, “Nah man, I’ve gotta get money.  I need to eat.”  Elizabeth jumped right in and said “No!  You must seek God first, not money!”  It was really awesome.  Elizabeth’s baby is due this Thursday, while I’ll be traveling!

I’m sorry to hear the Cougars had a rough week.  That picture of the foul is terrible!  That makes me super angry he’d try and pull a trick like that.  I hope Erik Mika comes back just fine.

Well, I’d better wrap it up now.  Next time I’ll be in Crotone e-mailing you! I’ll be back to Caserta eventually at least for a day because I need to renew my permesso next year, and I have to come back to do that, so it won’t be my last time here!  Thanks a ton for the package!  I ended up having to open the iPod and speakers just for the sake of getting it taken care of.  I shouldn’t have to unwrap anything else unless I need space to pack.  It should be easy enough though to pack.

Thanks a ton!  I’m SUPER jealous of your dinner on Sunday!  Make sure Grammie knows I say hi!  It should be a fun get together.  I still haven’t found a lasagna as good as yours yet Mom!

Anziano Jones


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