A Trip to Sicily

Hey Famiglia!

It’s been a pretty good week!  I’m excited to be able to Skype soon!  I don’t actually think I get to e-mail next week though.  I’m glad everything is going well in Provo!

I got to give a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting—my second one in Italy so far.  It went pretty good.  After I got it all typed out and stuff, we ate lunch together with Salvatore (as you can see from the picture of him poking Anziano Robertson), and I showed it to him to see if he had any suggestions as far as the Italian went. To say the least, he had quite a few suggestions…  Yikes!  It was super easy for him to pick out all the major mistakes being a native Italian speaker.

What a turn around though!  This week there were about 30 people in Sacrament Meeting, compared to the 12 that were there my first week.  Thank goodness.  After church we got invited over to a member’s house to eat lunch.  It was TASTY!  We ate pasta al forno, and after that some chicken with potatoes and vegetables.  After that, they brought out some salami and provolone cheese.  The bread they had was also really good.  They don’t have amazing mozzarella di bufula here in Crotone (the Calabria region), but their specialty is provolone.  It’s super yummy.

In other news, I get to go on a little trip to SICILY tomorrow!  I’m super excited.  We’ll be riding a train down, and then the train gets on a ferry and takes us across to Sicily.  Then from Messina we’ll be heading down to Catania.  We need to go down there because Anziano Robertson needs to pick up his permesso from the questura in Catania.  We’ll be there on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I get to take my first steps on the island of Sicily!  I can’t wait to see it.  I hear the ferry ride is super cool.  We’ll be heading out tomorrow morning, and we’ll be traveling basically all day.  I hear there are some TASTY desserts on Sicily.  I’m gonna be sure to pick up a few nibbles of food while I’m down there. 🙂 It will be a fun trip!

So everything looks good for me as far as Skype on the 26th goes.  I’ll be planning on 4 o’clock (ITALY time).  Chances are I’ll probably get to the computer at around 3:30 so I can get everything in order and set up my account so we can get Skyping right at 4.  When I was with President and Sister Waddoups during district conference, I asked Sister Waddoups how President’s eyes were doing.  She said they are doing a lot better, and there’s hardly any problem now.  Thank goodness!  It was fun to be able to spend quite a bit of time with them last weekend.

The work here is actually going really well.  We spend even less time on the street than we did in Caserta.  There’s a LOT of people we get to visit.  (Unfortunately this isn’t a super good thing in a certain sense, because there are a lot of less actives).  We’ve been teaching a lot of lessons.  Our baptismal date is starting to look really promising because she is still keeping commitments, and is really willing to meet with us.  It sounds like it will be going through on January 4th.  That will be a great way to start the New Year!

Today we’re planning on heading down to see a castle somewhere, I believe.  I’m actually not too sure.  We have had to adjust our plans quite a bit.  I was planning on getting a haircut today because I need one REALLY bad, but the problem is that all the barber shops are closed on Mondays…  Mondays are basically just another weekend day for Italians.  Not very many shops are open, and they all take another day off.  But since we’ll be gone Tuesday and Wednesday, I’ll probably have to wait until Thursday.

I’m pretty jealous about that Google Fiber!  I’ve been wondering about that actually.  Italians’ internet speeds aren’t quite that up to par.  I hope we don’t have too much trouble with Skype.  I think I am all caught up on my tithing.  I took care of it before I left.  If not, it is easy enough to pay it while I’m over here.  We pay fast offerings every month as missionaries, but we aren’t supposed to pay tithing on the money we receive.  That’s exciting news about Topher and Stuart!  It’ll be exciting to hear where they’re headed off to!  [Friends of Craig’s who are planning to submit their mission papers soon.]

I can’t believe the Utes won in basketball.  They’re supposed to be a stinky team!  Poor Cougs.

Whelp, that’s about all for this week.  We’re having a big old Christmas devotional this Saturday, open to all Italians who wish to come.  It will be put on by the branch.  It should be pretty fun. We’re using it as a finding tool.  Unfortunately we won’t be around to publicize it because we’ll be in Sicily, but hopefully there’ll be a good turn out!  We’ll be having a dinner afterwards as well.

I’d better scram.  I think I’ll have time to upload some pictures this week.

Anziano Jones

(L-R):  Anziano Robertson (Craig’s companion), Salvatore, and Craig.  This photo was posted on Facebook by Salvatore.  Don’t you think Craig looks cute in that sweater?  He must have bought it in Italy because I’ve never seen it before.

These two photos are of the view from Craig’s apartment in Crotone.

Craig just sent us this picture, but it was taken back when he was living in Caserta.  These are the four Caserta missionaries and three of their investigators.


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