Staying in Crotone!

Hey Famiglia!

It turns out that Anziano Robertson and I will be staying together here in Crotone!  I’m pretty excited, and things are looking really good for us for next transfer.  There will be sisters coming in this Thursday.  Anziano Robertson and I will have to go pick them up in Lamezia on Thursday and bring them down on the trains.  There is a new senior couple that’s coming in that will be using the Thompson’s car.  No car for us…  Oh well!  Crotone is easily covered on foot, and there is a decent enough bus system to get around to the outer cities.  Plus, Salvatore helps us out a lot.  As for the sisters, one is coming down from Rome, and the other will be a greenie.

I just found out in an e-mail from Anziano Morgan his new companion is going to be Anziano Barrow!  [Anziano Morgan was one of Craig’s roommates in Caserta, and Anziano Barrow is his friend from Timpview High School.]  That’s really weird to me.  I hope they have a good time together!  I still hope I end up with Anziano Barrow at some point!  He’ll be in Trapani on Sicily.

Anyways, for New Year’s here, we didn’t really do anything…  We had to be in before 9 o’clock on New Year’s Eve.  I will say that there were some pretty huge explosions that went off at midnight and woke us up, but I was too tired really to watch.  New Year’s Day is appointed as a big deep cleaning day of the apartment, so…. We cleaned the whole house!  We had a good time and got a lot of nasty chores done!  But we did have a good time eating during the holidays.  We ate SO MUCH FOOD.  It was really great.  I got to eat some really good stuff!

[Since Craig hasn’t been able to share very many photos with us since he’s been in Crotone (due to the slow computer they’ve been using), I asked him if he might be able to send us one of the disks from his camera.]  As far as pictures go, there’s no way I’m going to stick that card into an envelope into Italian mail.  It’s way too sketchy, and I really don’t want to lose it.  [Good point!  What was I thinking?]  There aren’t too many pictures you haven’t seen.  Now that the Thompsons are leaving, next week we’ll be in a random Internet point, so I don’t really know how the connection will be.  The Thompson’s computers aren’t so great at uploading things…

[The names of all investigators in the following paragraphs have been changed.]

Well, I guess I’ll talk about some of the stuff happening here in Crotone as far as missionary work goes.  I hope this is the kind of stuff that interests you!

Anyways, a lot of awesome stuff happened in church yesterday.  Member missionary work RULES!  First off, one of our investigators that we dropped a couple of weeks ago came back and asked us for sincere help towards baptism.  We dropped him because he wasn’t really keeping any commitments and wasn’t giving a sincere effort.  We agreed to meet with him again, and help him work towards quitting smoking.  He accepted a baptismal date for late in February.  Our investigator named Angela also came, and always has such good input during our lessons.  We will be teaching her the Plan of Salvation on Friday, and she’s still working on praying and reading for her answer, but hasn’t received it yet.  She is an absolutely incredible person, and her sensitivity to the Spirit is so great.  We went with her to meet her husband and two daughters, aged 11 and 7, all very strong potential investigators.

A member named Elena brought both of her sisters to church who are not members of the church.  One of their names is Carla, and she has heard the restoration well over a year ago and has been invited to baptism, but until now hasn’t felt ready.  Yesterday, after a particularly awesome fast and testimony meeting, she approached us and asked us what she needed to do to be baptized, and she feels ready now.  We took no time in explaining the process.  Her date is for the 8th of February.  We’ve set up lessons every single Saturday until then.  Carla is so well prepared.  Elena’s daughter also wants to be baptized.

The other sister is named Debora, and she brought her boyfriend as well.  They’ve both agreed to meet with us on Wednesday to learn about the church.  Her boyfriend’s name is Antonio, and he seems really open.  He works basically all day every day, but said any day after 8 we can come over.  I was shocked, and super happy he said that.

We’ve got a lot of stuff to do!  Missionary work through the members is honestly the best way to get work done effectively.  It’s also great when we can find new investigators through our current investigators.  That’s the best way!

After having all of our appointments yesterday fall through (yay…) we were out on the streets (in the soggy wet rain, which in other news one of my shoes has a hole in it…. We’ll be checking out some stores today looking for some cool after-Christmas sales – hopefully I can find a new pair) when we found an awesome little cafe where we wanted to put up some English Course posters.  We went in and talked to the workers in there, and they were all for it.  There was a guy and a girl working in there.  The girl came out first while we were putting it up and wants to meet with us in the mornings.  Then the guy stopped by.  He surprised us because he speaks perfect English.  He’s from Sri Lanka and now lives in Italy.  He used to play basketball with the missionaries and likes us a lot.  He said to stop by any time.  Yay!

It’s really great when things work out.  We’ve got lots of stuff to do, which is really nice.  It should be a really successful transfer!

I’m sorry to hear about the Cougs not having the best of times, but it sounds like that new guard is pretty good!

Anyways, that’s about all there really is to talk about here in Crotone.  It’s going well!  We’ll see what this next transfer brings!

Anziano Jones

Craig’s current district.  He said this group will stay the same for the next transfer period.

The couple in front are the Thompson’s, the senior missionary couple that Craig sometimes refers to.  They are from Australia, and Craig said they have awesome accents.  They are being transferred to Malta which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a totally separate country from Italy.

This was taken when Craig and Anziano Robertson were crossing over to the island of Sicily.  They had to go there to pick up Anziano Robertson’s permesso.  The coastline in the background is the city of Messina.

A building in Catania, another city on Sicily.

Another picture taken in Catania.

Salvatore!  He is the Italian guy who joined the church about three years ago and now spends a lot of his time helping the missionaries to teach others.

Craig didn’t mention what this is, but it looks like it might be a Catholic church or monastery.

The last column of an ancient temple at a place called Capo Colonna, which is near Crotone.

More pictures from Capo Colonna.

Italian Christmas graffiti.


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