Salvatore is Getting Married!

Hey Famiglia!

An investigator just showed up that we need to teach.  There’s really no time to write. But the good news is that this one is going to be baptized the 25th of January in the sea!  She’s really awesome and super excited.

For the questions, I have not received it yet.  I may not receive Aunt Linda’s letter until the 30th, at Zone Conference.

YES!  SALVATORE is getting married!  I’m super excited.  His fiancèe is from Catanzaro, the other half of the district.  She is LDS!  They are getting married in the Switzerland temple (the closest).

I wasn’t able to find any shoes big enough for me yet…  We’ve been SUPER busy and haven’t had time to look!

Anziano Morgan and Barrow will have a good time together.  They both are pretty cool guys. They are going to have a good time.

I’m so sorry!!!  There’s really no time.  All is well, and I might be able to jump on later to give you some more info!

Anziano Jones

[We didn’t hear from Craig again, so we didn’t get any pictures from him this week, but I do have this one that Salvatore posted on Facebook a couple of days ago.]

Craig and his companion are in the foreground.  The two girls on the left are the new sister missionaries that Craig mentioned last week.  The girl in the gold sweater is Salvatore’s cousin, and I’m not sure who the guy wearing the grey sweater is.  This photo was probably taken in Salvatore’s apartment.


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