A Professional Wedding Coordinator!

Hey Famiglia!

What a crazy week for us here in Crotone.  But yes, I did receive your e-mail this week Dad! Thank goodness.  [The name of the investigator in this paragraph has been changed.]  So anyways, Angela’s baptism actually has been postponed for a couple weeks.  She’s still really excited about it though, and has showed me the hymns she wants to be sung at her baptism when it happens!  She came to church yesterday and brought her two kids.  It was awesome! Church yesterday was going nuts for us.  We had 8 investigators there.  It’s been overflowing this little branch!

Another piece of awesome news is that two of our investigators will be getting… MARRIED! Yay!  It’s going to be bomb.  These two particular investigators were really pumped about baptism, and wanted to be baptized along with their sister, but then we had to break the news that they had to be married first before being baptized.  At first they were really bummed and frustrated with us.  But then when we went back over to their house they plopped out a pile of marriage documents onto the table.  WAHOO!!  That was a happy moment for me.  They have a lot of details to work out still, but they’ll be married here in the church by Salvatore!  It’s going to be really cool.  I’ve turned into a professional wedding coordinator now.  [Craig is referring to the fact that he had also suggested to Salvatore that he should get married, and apparently Salvatore took his advice because a few weeks later he proposed to Eleonora!]  These two investigators have their hearts set on baptism.  Hopefully they can get it taken care of soon (hopefully end of February/March, I really have no idea)!  They also have 2 really cute little kids.

We were teaching their sister actually, the one with a baptismal date in February on the 15th.  She brought her friend, who has also accepted a baptismal date and they are going to be baptized together.  Anyways, I was teaching them about baptism, why we’re baptized, how we’re baptized, etc…  At one point while I was explaining it, her friend was surprised that we did baptism by immersion.  She couldn’t seem to understand why the whole body needed to be immersed.  So after I finished explaining that part, I said something like, “So after the baptism by water, we are baptized by ‘FIRE’ (Placing some lighthearted emphasis on the word)”.  At this point her eyes got really wide and she gasped out loud, sitting back in her chair.  She started stammering, but everyone else at the table started laughing.  It was pretty funny.  Her expression was priceless.

Well, Eleonora is doing a lot better.  We stopped by the hospital yesterday to take her the Sacrament, and her eye patch was gone.  Her eye actually looks incredibly normal.  I was surprised, because I was half expecting it to be at least a little bloody or mutilated.  It looks really good, but unfortunately she still can’t see out of it, which is the most important thing. It’s really sad.  She is also still missing her two front teeth.  Poor girl.  But on the bright side, she and Salvatore have been able to spend a lot of time together this week, which normally is really hard because they live in different cities.

Other than that, I actually also found a pretty good pizzeria (after leaving Napoli).  It’s pretty close to the real Napoli stuff.  Yay!  I do miss a Big-O style pizza though.  Good work, Dad! That’s also really cool to hear about Brother Sagers.  He was a really important guy for me, because he was the Young Men’s president for the majority of the time I was a Priest.

And WOW!  Nice work Ashy!  Manager!  That’s so awesome.  What a great spot to be in.  I’m super glad it’s working out for her!  It’s also good to hear that Mak’s starting her new job! Sounds like things are working out for them!

Well, in other news, I did buy a new pair of spiffy Italian shoes.  They fit well, and look pretty Italian.  I’ll be sure to send you a pic!

I don’t really have too much other than that to say, other than that there’s Zone Conference this week!  I’m excited, they’re always fun.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

The missionaries went out for pizza with the branch president.  I know the guy between Craig and his companion looks very young, but he’s the branch president!  I believe those shoes Craig has on are his new Italian ones.

Another picture at the pizza place with the branch president.

Craig’s companion, Anziano Robertson, when they went to visit Eleonora at the hospital.  This photo was posted on Facebook by Salvatore.

This photo of Eleonora and Salvatore was taken just a few hours before she was in the car accident.  She and her parents were driving home from a church activity when they were hit by a drunk driver.


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