Italian Hot Dogs and a New Electric Shaver!

Hey Famiglia!

I can’t believe we’re already receiving transfer calls this Saturday.  It’s gone by pretty fast this transfer.  I hope I stay because we’ll more likely than not be having Angela’s baptism not this Saturday, but the next one, and I really don’t want to miss out on that.  [The names of all investigators have been changed.]  Then we’ll be having another one the 1st of March if everything goes according to plan.  The second person’s name is Carla, and she’s super awesome.  She’s actually really young, only 17 years old.

We’ll see how it goes down!  There’s a much bigger chance that Anziano Robertson goes though.  He’s been here around 6 months, and it’s his 4th transfer here.  To do a 5th is a bit more rare.  For me, I hope he stays because I don’t want him to miss out on the baptisms we’ve worked for either!  That would be sad.

And yes!  It is Valentine’s day this week!  Italians definitely celebrate it.  It’s San Valentino’s day.

I do know Anziano Stout because he was in the MTC with me, and when I went down to Catania he was serving there at the time.  In fact the sheet shows he should still be in Catania right now.

Anziano Hoover will be going home next week!  He’s finished his mission now.  That’s something weird to think about.

Anyways, in other exciting news, I’ll probably be buying another electric shaver today.  I saw a nice enough looking one for about £30.  The one I have I got in like 8th grade, and so it’s a little bit old, and it’s starting to wear out a little bit and not give me the baby soft skin a missionary should have.  It’s time to get a new one.  That’s some good news for me this week!

I honestly can’t think of too much more news for this week….  There’s not too much going on, but the usual missionary stuffs.  We’ll be headed over to Salvatore’s this evening to do a family home evening with a couple of investigators, the ones that are planning on getting married.  He’s always super nice to help us out with stuff like that.  In fact, Salvatore himself went suit shopping this morning, to pick out his wedding suit!  He was telling us all about it because he was super excited.

Be sure to accept all the Italian friend requests.  The only ones that know that we have Facebook accounts are the ones we tell.

Anyways, about Dad’s questions, hot dogs do exist here.  I’ve bought them before actually. The problem is that yes, they are actually a bit nasty.  They’re not really the same.  They’re not horrible, but the ones that we can afford are a bit under quality.   We’ve actually made hamburgers a couple times, but they just aren’t the same.  The beef is a bit less than great, and the normal seasonings you’d put on a burger in the U.S. don’t exist here.  But there is a McDonald’s close by, but the problem is that a meal costing you $4 in the U.S. costs you the equivalent of $8-9 here.  It’s a rip off!

That’s about it for this week!

Ciao!  And happy Valentine’s day!
Anziano Jones

Anziano Robertson and Craig


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