A New Companion in Crotone

Hey Famiglia!

The first bit of news this week is that Anziano Robertson is leaving me!  But not only just that, he’s headed to MALTA!  That’s really crazy.  He’ll no longer be in Italy.  Only 4 missionaries at a given time are on that little island.  It’s not a super common thing!  My new companion will actually be coming off Malta.  They’re doing a little companion swap. His name is Anziano McArthur.  All I know is that he’s from California, but I’m not sure what part! I hear he’s really cool.  I can’t wait to work with him!  A lot of people seem to like him.

But it is a bit sad that after all this time waiting for Angela’s baptism, we finally got her interview done on Saturday, and we got the green light for this next Saturday, and now Anziano Robertson will be missing out on it.  He has a super good attitude about it though and is happy to go wherever the Lord sends him.

We’ll be starting out the service here in the church and then heading over together to baptize her in the sea near Capocolonna, the ruins of the temple near here.  It will be cool!  I hope the weather’s going to be good!

[I asked Craig how his toe is doing.  I was referring to his surgery last fall.]  My toe feels and works fine.  It obviously doesn’t look 100% normal because part of the toe nail will never grow back, but it is completely functional and doesn’t give me any troubles.  I can kick the soccer ball around the apartment just fine, even though we can’t play with members or investigators anymore.

That’s super cool that Ashley gets to interview somebody for her Quiznos!  That’s super great.  Her job sounds really awesome.

Anyways, this week has been not super, super exciting other than the usual shtuffs going on in Italy.  Today we went to Pythagoras’ Park here in Crotone, and it’s actually really cool.  We went with our branch president and a few of our investigators and the sisters also came.  It was fun, and we tossed a frisbee around a bit and had a mini picnic up at a giant sword that is stuck in the top of the hill.  I took some fun pictures to send to you. President wanted to do something fun with us on Anziano Robertson’s last P-day here in Crotone.  He suggested horse riding at first, but unfortunately that’s against the rules…  It would have been super fun though!

I may or may not end up going down to Catania again this week to drop off Anziano Robertson and pick up my new companion at the airport.  I’m still not exactly sure of the travel plans.  All I know is that we’re going to Cosenza Wednesday night, then Anziano Robertson’s flight is sometime Thursday evening or so.  It’s a bit of a strange process to ship a missionary down there to that island; we have to take airplanes to Sardegna and to Malta. One of the funniest parts about the fact that Anziano Robertson is going to Malta is that he gets to be with the Thompsons again.  After saying good-byes here in Crotone, he’s following them down there just a transfer later.  Typically when you go to Malta, you’re in it for the long haul.  They don’t transfer missionaries on and off that island super often.

I ended up buying that new electric shaver and it’s working out well for me!… 🙂 Glad to hear the Cougs at least beat Saint Mary’s this year!  They’ve never been my favorite team….

I hope Valentine’s day went good!  One day you’ll have to try an Italian pizza!  One from Napoli of course… 🙂 They’re super different.  In fact there are rarely any toppings that they put on them.  It’s a completely different style of pizza.  We have found a couple of good pizzerias here though.

Well, I’m looking forward to lots of good things here in Crotone.  I think I’ll have a really good transfer with Anziano McArthur.  Salvatore is actually with us as we’re e-mailing, and sends his regards!  He says “Vi voglio bene!”  and thanks for all of the nice messages you’ve sent him on Facebook.

I’ll have a more interesting e-mail for this next week coming up!  But yes, I do have pictures today!!  As missionaries we always do transfer predictions.  We buy Kinder eggs, which are little chocolate eggs with surprise toys in them.  Then we base our transfer predictions out of what we receive.  It’s pretty fun!  We open them in district meetings.

Well, I’ll get started on uploading these pics!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

A castle in Crotone.  Craig mentioned that Salvatore literally lives on the castle.  There are apartments around and in it.

This photo looks like it might have been taken from the top of the castle.

A view of the Ionian Sea.

Craig called this a “number thingy” that is in Pythagoras’ Park.  Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived around 500 BC, so the number thingy probably has something to do with the Pythagorean theorem.

Three investigators.

A panoramic view of Crotone.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

The branch president standing on the hilt of the giant sword at the top of the hill.

Craig with Anziano Robertson on their last P-day together before Robertson leaves for the island of Malta.

Craig with the branch president.

(Left to right):  The branch president, Craig, one of the investigators.

The sister missionaries.

I bet there is an explanation for this picture, but Craig forgot to tell us about it.

These next six pictures were taken of the LDS temple in Rome, which is currently under construction.  The last I heard, it’s supposed to be finished sometime in 2015.


I found these last five pictures on Facebook this morning.  They were actually taken last fall when Craig was still in Caserta.  The missionaries had dinner with the Salvitti family.  Click on the photo for a larger view.


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