A New Record: Nine Investigators in Church

Hey Famiglia!

This week I’ll be getting to head over to Catania for the mission conference!  It’ll be super cool.  I’ll get to see Anziano Barrow for the first time!!!  I can’t wait.  [Ben Barrow is Craig’s good friend from Timpview High School who was also called to the Italy Rome Mission.]  We’ll be leaving this Wednesday and getting back on Friday.  All the missionaries in Sicily, Malta, and Calabria will go to Catania.  Everyone else goes to Rome.

Whelp.  Thanks to my handy little calendar I have on my desk now, I realized it’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Here it’s San Patrizio.  But Italians don’t celebrate it….  Even though it’s the day dedicated to Saint Patrick.  They have a Saint for every day of the year.

Anyways, this week wasn’t anything too amazing here in Italy.  We got a lot of work done though!  Yesterday we had a new record:  nine investigators in church!!  It was awesome. Yessirree!!  Five of them from one little pass along card!  I think at least three of them will be ready for baptism really soon, I can feel it.  Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time!  A funny thing that’s happened is that one of them who is a bit older without fail calls me “Smith” now.  It’s really funny.

That’s interesting that Jimmer made it to the Bulls!  Hopefully he does well there!  That jersey looks better on him anyways…  The sisters here in Crotone are from…. Pennsylvania (she goes home this transfer, in just a couple weeks!) and the other from… somewhere in Utah.  It’s a smaller town.  We’ll be getting a new sister here next transfer for sure.  I will probably stay for another one, especially since things are going well here.  I like Crotone a lot, but it is a little bit small.  Once you get out of Crotone and go to some of the other less nice cities, it’s a lot like Mexico.  Lots of slums and refugee camps down here.

Aw man!  I’m sorry to hear about the Cougar’s loss.  But I’m glad at the same time that they made it into the tournament!  That’s awesome.  The Rome temple is a tentative mid 2015.  It’s looking bleaker and bleaker for me!   😦  I guess we’ll just have to come back to visit it!   🙂

Tomorrow we’ve gotta go to the Questura because Anziano McArthur has to renew his permesso…. UGH.  I hate that place.  It’s stinky, hot, sweaty, and it takes forever.

Well, I don’t really know what to tell you all about what to put into the package with the McNamaras.  [Some of our friends are going to Italy next month, and they offered to take a package for Craig and drop it off at the mission home in Rome.]  Hmmmm…  I do love Reese’s Peanut butter cups!  We’ll see.  OH!!!!  I need some cheap pens.  Preferably the Bic ones, in black, the kind Mom usually has her office well-stocked with.  Pens here in Italy are really expensive and are super junky.  It’s weird.  I’ve been burning through pens. The Bic ones are reliable and write well.

I think I’d better wrap it up.  I don’t think I took many photos, but we’ll see!  Oh!  I just saw some from Capo Colonna, because we went back last week.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

A selfie at Capo Colonna

Salvatore — I bet he was on the phone with Eleonora!

Is anybody home?

Craig’s companion, Anziano McArthur, Sorella Taylor, and Sorella Merenda.  Craig said that everyone reverts to calling his companion “Anziano McDonald’s” because Italians cannot pronounce the sound “th”.  He sometimes asks them to say “three trees,” but they can’t do it.  I’m not sure which one of the sisters is the one from Pennsylvania who is going home at the end of this transfer, but I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

Craig explained that this cardboard cutout of “Sid the Sloth” was found in a pile of trash on the side of the highway.  It’s now in the missionary apartment, and there is a tradition that each missionary companionship takes their photo with the sloth and tapes it to the back.  It’s funny how each missionary apartment has its own traditions (like the pizza box tower in the Caserta apartment).  I have no idea why they aren’t smiling in this picture.  Maybe they were trying to look tough.


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