Easter Doughnuts from the Mission “Grandma”

Hey Famiglia!

This week I tried to make a better effort with taking all sorts of pictures.  It’s a lot better to take pictures now that winter is over and it’s sunnier.  Anyways, what happened this week… Today we’ll be heading over to Catanzaro to play some basketball with the other Anziani.  It should be fun.

For some reason my mind is pulling a blank on everything I wanted to write about… Hmmm. I got a nice new Italian haircut this week.  I really like the place that we go to.  It’s called Freestyle.  The cuts are £10 (which is really decent, a lot of the times they want 15), and they even give you a shampoo.  Then the guy that cuts your hair does a really good job.  I guess you’ll see it in the pictures I’ll send!

As you know, usually we’re home for pranzo [lunch] during the day.  We have an hour for lunch and an hour for language study, then another hour of additional studies, so we’re inside from 1-4, because there’s nobody on the streets and people take their naps here. We’ve discovered that the sun hits one particular spot on the back balcony this week, so every now and then I’ll go out to catch some rays while I study Italian. 🙂

[I asked Craig what kinds of pasta and cheese they use when they prepare their meals.]  We use basically any type of pasta…  Usually the normal is penne rigate.  We only use spaghetti for Carbonara usually, or another type if the recipe calls for it.  The cheeses are usually mozzarella or the usual Parmesan cheese on top.  [I also asked Craig about the Mother’s Day Skype which is coming up next month.]  I’m not so sure of the Skype guidelines yet because he hasn’t told us, so I’ll be sure to let you know once I find out.

I think I may be developing a gluten allergy because we eat so much pasta!!  Gosh.  I don’t really think so, but sometimes all this pasta starts getting a little old.  It’s good though!

Last night we went over to Pietro’s house [as always, the names of investigators have been changed] and ate spaghetti with him and his family.  It was really fun.  Pietro is probably one of my favorite investigators we have.  He is too funny.  He knows a couple words in English, “Hello, boy!” and, “Do you understand?”, and says those all the time.  His wife, Regina is already in ALMA!!!  I could hardly believe it. She is cruising through the Book of Mormon.  At this rate she’ll be done in no time.  They’re so nice.

Here in Italy there is a show that comes on every Sunday evening called the “Bible” and it’s basically a movie of the events that happen in the Bible.  We watched a few minutes of it as we happened to be sitting down with him and his family and it’s actually pretty good.  They even do baptism by immersion in the video!  It sparked some pretty good conversation.

A good piece of news for us is that Sister Zarfino came back from Pisa.  She always makes us lots of yummy yummy yummy foods.  Last night she gave us giant Easter doughnuts.  I took some pictures.  It’s a sweet that they do around Easter time.  She also gave us some Pasta al forno…. I’ll have to take a picture of it so you know what it’s supposed to look like! 😉  She’s basically our mission “grandma” here in Crotone, and feeds us lots!  She has us over almost every Sunday after church, when it’s pranzo time anyways.  She’s been out of town in Pisa for well over a month, and I’m glad she’s back!

I also took a little video tour of our apartment with the camera on the phone, because it takes low quality super small videos.  Hopefully it looks okay!  [I was going to put the video on this post, but Craig was moving the camera around so fast that it was difficult to see anything, and the movement just made me dizzy.  I’ll tell him to slow down next time, and then maybe I can post it.]

Hmmmm…. What else happened.  We visited a lot of less actives this week, and it was super cool to see some come to church.  We also found out that soon our branch will qualify for a new building!!!  By next year if all keeps going good.  They’re already looking for a new, bigger, and better location for us to meet.  This one just doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Obviously I probably won’t be here then, but it’s awesome to hear.  President D’Oppido already has a spot he’d prefer in mind.  That’s so awesome.

English Course is going well…  We’re trying hard to grow it now.  Well, I’m about out of things to say.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Craig and Anziano McArthur with Sister Zarfino, the mission “grandma.”

The Easter doughnut that Sister Zarfino made for Craig.

Craig said, “That’s our apartment building.  We’re on the 4th floor, but here in Europe the 1st floor is not the ground floor.  That would mean the 5th floor counting American style. Either way we’re the balcony on the left with the shutters up.”

Craig said this is their pet dog, Sparky.

Craig said, “Here are some pictures of where we do a lot of our finding, out on “Lungomare”. It was a really pretty day, so we took some pictures.”  Click on this panorama photo for a larger view.

You can also click on the picture above for a larger view.

This is the sign for the Jehovah’s Witnesses Church.

Craig said, “My new nifty Kolob t-shirt.  It’s a snowboard and skate brand here in Italy made by the brother of Salvatore’s fiancee, Eleonora.”

This is the building where Craig currently attends church.  He mentioned that they are hoping to move to a bigger, better location next year.

He’s pointing to the sign that says, in Italian, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”

A picture of the soccer game on Saturday.

Having dinner at Pietro’s house.  He’s the one on the left.

Pietro’s family

More of the dinner at Pietro’s house.  Craig is the one wearing the sweater.

 This is a poster that Craig made for some publicity in Crotone.


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