Easter Monday at McDonald’s

Hey Famiglia!!

Easter week was awesome here in Italy!! We ate A LOT. Easter day we went over to Salvatore’s house and ate with his whole family. We spent a good bit of time with them. Salvatore has a really funny family. They all really like me for some reason. Then we went over to Sorella Zarfino’s house and ate MORE food. It was super awesome.

The reason we didn’t e-mail yesterday is because the Monday after Easter is a holiday here. It’s called Pasquetta. I’ve asked Italians why they do it, and all they tell me is that it’s basically an excuse to eat more food. So yesterday we went over to Sorella Zarfino’s again, and then we went to McDonald’s (for the 2nd time in the mission!!) with Salvatore, the Sisters, and some investigators. Eleonora spent the whole weekend here in Crotone for Easter, so she was also around. It was a lot of fun. At McDonalds they had a big old playhouse for all of the little kids. And… yeah.

Unfortunately this week I didn’t get quite as many pictures, but I did get a few. It feels like it’s been forever since I last e-mailed. Last week we went and played basketball, like I think I mentioned, but we missed the train we were planning on taking back to Crotone, so we got stuck for a little while in Catanzaro. We had to run over to our appointment we had in basketball shorts and t-shirts… But there was no way we were gonna miss it!

Oh! This Saturday Julietta, Angela’s daughter will be getting baptized! [The names of all investigators have been changed.]  It’s going to be super cool. That’s something we’re really looking forward to. Also, Friday is Anziano McArthur’s birthday. I’m not sure what we’re going to do, but it for sure will be something fun! We’re really hoping to get a lot of our investigators to the baptism so they can all see what it’s like, and feel the powerful Spirit that’s always there!

Unfortunately Pietro has been in the hospital for the last week. All he needs is a little operation done on his hand because he tore a ligament, but he got sick last week before the procedure and they couldn’t give him the anesthetics. So now he’s been camping out there waiting for them to be able to do the procedure, which should be today!

I don’t know, but do you all want me to Skype on Sunday or on Monday? It may be easier the Monday after Mother’s Day, especially if Dad will be at Church in the morning. Let me know what you think.

Some really good news is that Pietro’s son Adriano, and his wife, accepted a baptismal date for the 10th of May!!! It was so cool. It was funny how everything combined against me as I was trying to ask the question. At first I used the classic PMG  [I’m not sure what that stands for] approach for the invite, and he couldn’t hear me. His mother-in-law had a terrible coughing fit at that moment and then the babies were all screaming and running around. I had to try again with the invite, with no more success. I ended up leaning over the table and just saying, “Will you be baptized??” The answer, “Of course! It seems like the right thing to do.” Yay! He says he’s already gotten his answer. But also he needs to quit smoking, so we are hoping we can fix that problem soon! The other son has to wait until December for his divorcement to go through, then he can get baptized, but he doesn’t seem discouraged!

Oh, and I sent Bishop Smith a thank you e-mail. He really is such an amazing person. I’ve always admired him. I’m a little bummed he won’t be the bishop still for my homecoming! [Bishop Smith here in Provo is going to be released this coming Sunday.]

Well… I can’t think of too much other news… Oh! I typically cut my hair a little bit shorter just so that I don’t have to get it cut so often… 🙂

Oh! That vacation sounds like a lot of fun! Gosh. At first I saw the word England, so I was super surprised.  [We are planning a trip to New England in September.]  And that art Jazmyn did is incredible! Holy cow!  [Jazmyn is one of our neighbors, and she made a beautiful mosaic using 20,000 postage stamps from around the world.]

Congrats to Luke Sagers! That is so awesome! I love hearing about where everyone is going from our ward. It’s so interesting to me. Zambia Africa is not where I would have guessed! Wow.

Well, I’d better wrap it up. Oh! I’ve made the banana pancakes a couple times this week, they’re SUPER good! 😉

Anziano Jones

Eleonora and Salvatore at McDonald’s.

Eating at McDonald’s.  On the left are Eleonora and Salvatore.  Next to them are the investigators who will be getting married soon.  On the right are the sister missionaries and Craig’s companion, Anziano McArthur.

The kids’ play area at McDonald’s.

Salvatore and Eleonora working on some of their marriage papers.  I think it’s sort of funny that Craig was there taking pictures, but I guess since he’s the one who suggested to Salvatore that he should get married, it’s all good.

A recipe for Pasta al Forno.  Craig said that he likes the ones that have meat in them best. This one just has vegetables.  He didn’t say where this recipe came from, but I think it was probably from the sister missionaries.


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