Tons of Pictures!

Hey Famiglia!

I can’t wait to Skype this Sunday!  It should be really good.  And by then I’ll know what the transfer calls are!  So I’ll get to tell you right away what will be happening.  I will be happy with whatever happens, but I think there’s a little secret hope in my heart to be heading out and opening the next chapter of my mission (possibly in Rome!).  But if I stay, I won’t be sad at all.  In fact, it seems fairly likely that I do stay because the work is going so well here.  If I do end up going…. We’ll see where I end up!  It could be Rome, Sardegna, Sicily, Bari, or even near Taranto.

This week was packed with really awesome lessons. We also had the chance to do an exchange with the zone leaders in Taranto. It was really productive and they had a lot to talk to us about. We started teaching Vito on Monday [the names of all investigators have been changed] and he’s really enthusiastic about being baptized. We’ve set his date for the 19th of May, which gives us a bit of time to finish teaching him and get him an interview. He’s already well prepared and even gave a super awesome prayer at the end of the lesson (he’s 9!).

Tuesday we headed out to a smaller city and helped a less active sister paint her house. It was a long morning, but we managed to get it done. Hopefully that will help her out! We also met with Pietro FINALLY, after he’s been in the hospital and a bunch of other issues. He’s doing well. Regina is in Alma 35 in her reading. She’s so awesome! We haven’t been able to reestablish their baptism date because they have problems with their son living in Rimini, and we changed our message at the last minute to address their needs better. It was a good experience for them though.

We also found a really cool new investigator called Devonte. He found our branch’s Facebook page and out of curiosity called one of our members. It was a great way to meet him! He studies in Cosenza but is in Crotone all weekends. He had a lot of really good questions, and already had a bit of knowledge about our beliefs!

I have A LOT of pictures this week to send (Wahoo!).  After we painted at that less active’s house we went out and took a quick peak at the super cool castle (Le Castella) that I’ve already taken a picture of before.  But this time it was day time and there’s a lot more pictures.

Today we went to Catanzaro and played some basketball for P-day.  It was a lot of fun. We played on a pretty ghetto court.

I feel really bad because we taught a lot of lessons, but I feel pretty much too tired to write about all of them….  Mamma mia.  Basketball takes it out of ya!  Oh!  On Saturday Elder Snow of the Seventy came to Rome to do a training.  They broadcasted it to all of us missionaries who aren’t in Rome.  That was pretty cool.  He talked a lot about history and records.

Hmmmm….  Well.  Again, I’m really looking forward to Skype this Sunday!  4 o’clock my time, 8 o’clock there should still work perfect.  Sorry if the e-mail is a little bit shorter today.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

At the home of Nario and Pippa.  Craig said, “They are so cool!  They invited us over and absolutely stuffed us with food. . .  Homemade calzones and arancini.”

A closeup of the homemade calzones.

These next pictures were all taken last Tuesday around Le Castella after the missionaries helped to paint that lady’s house.

I think this one is funny because it looks like Craig is jumping into the water, but I know he didn’t.

A bunch of pass along cards on Craig’s desk.   They stamp them with their contact information, and then they pass them out to people.

A puppet show in the main piazza of Crotone.

Craig’s new t-shirt.

Playing basketball today on the “pretty ghetto court” in Catanzaro.  Craig said it was fun.

These last three pictures were posted on Facebook by Sister Merenda (the one wearing the striped shirt) now that she is back home from her mission.  They were taken a couple of months ago.  The branch president is on the far right.

It looks like they had lots of yummy treats that day!


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