Another Italian Romance!

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you probably know that Salvatore, Craig’s friend in Crotone, is getting married soon.  About three years ago Salvatore was about to become a Catholic priest, but then he met the LDS missionaries and ended up joining the Mormon Church.  Now he spends a lot of his time teaching with the missionaries because he knows a lot about religion.  Craig is the one who suggested to Salvatore that he should get married, and several months ago, Salvatore proposed to Eleonora.  Today Salvatore and Eleonora had their wedding promise ceremony.  This is not the actual wedding ceremony.  That won’t take place until June 25th in the Switzerland Temple.  I suppose this is a legal formality in Italy, or the ceremony before the ceremony (a.k.a. another reason to celebrate).  You can see in the picture above that Craig is pretty excited.  By the way, I got all of these pictures on Facebook.

I think this must have been taken while they were waiting for Eleonora because Salvatore doesn’t have his boutonniere on yet.

It looks like they might have been waiting for awhile!  That’s Craig’s companion, Anziano McArthur, holding on to Craig’s legs.

 Eleonora has arrived!  This picture was taken during the actual ceremony.

In case you forgot, Eleonora was in a car accident about three or four months ago, and she lost her eyesight in one eye.  She’s still beautiful, isn’t she!  By the way, leave it to me to spot Craig in the background of this picture.  I must be his mother!

The guests threw rice and rose petals at the happy couple as they came out of the building.

This is my favorite picture!

Cute couple!

That’s the branch president on the far left and one of the investigators on the far right.

Craig is standing next to the bride-to-be.  I’m really glad that he got to attend this ceremony because he will most likely be transferred to another city next week.  Best wishes to Salvatore and Eleonora!


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