Drumroll, Please. . .

For Mother’s Day, we got to Skype with Craig for about two hours this morning. The big news that we were anticipating is where he would be transferred. Since he’s been in Crotone for about six months, we were fairly certain that he would be moving to a new city, and we were anxious to find out all the details.  Craig is being transferred to Trapani, which is on the island of Sicily. It’s actually close to Africa, and sometimes Africa can even be seen from Trapani.  On the map below, I circled Craig’s current city, Crotone, and his new city, Trapani, so you can see where he will be going.  Africa is the grey area at the bottom of the map.  You can click on the map for a larger view.

But the most exciting news. . . . .

Drumroll, please. . . . .

Craig’s new companion is going to be one of his best friends from Timpview High School, Ben Barrow!!!!!!  Ever since Craig and Ben found out last year that they would both be serving in the Italy Rome Mission, they have been hoping that they would get to be companions at some point.  The funny thing is, the mission president didn’t even know that they were friends from high school until after he told Craig that they were going to be companions.  And since there are about 200 missionaries serving in the Italy Rome Mission, the chances of this happening were about one half of one percent!  Craig said he is super, super excited, and as soon as he got off the phone with President Waddoups, he started doing a little dance.

Here is a picture of Craig and his friends taken the night before he left on his mission last summer.  Ben Barrow is the one sitting in front of Craig.  Ben left on his mission six weeks after Craig did.

But while Craig was at the Missionary Training Center here in Provo, he and Ben just happened to run into each other on the grounds of the temple one day.  Ben wasn’t even a missionary yet.

Even though they have both been serving in Italy, they didn’t see each other again until they attended the mission conference that was held in Catania a couple of months ago. As you can see from the picture above, they were really excited to see each other.

And now they are going to be companions in Trapani.  I wish I could be there when they meet up with each other later this week!  The You Tube video below is a 5-minute segment of our Skype session with Craig.


2 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please. . .

  1. Elder Kelley is leaving Sicily and moving to Lecce. Lecce is in the mainland in the “heel” of the boot. Good luck to both of them! Sister Kelley

    • Monica, I had a feeling that was going to happen. In fact, as soon as Craig told us he was going to Sicily, I immediately thought of Elder Kelley. I know he’s been on Sicily since last summer, and I figured he would be transferred to the mainland this time around. They are just going to miss each other, but I think Lecce is a beautiful place. One of Craig’s companions in Caserta, Anziano Burton, was transferred there last time around, and I was looking at the pictures on his blog. In fact, I mentioned to Craig in one of my e-mails that I hoped he would get to go to Lecce sometime. Best of luck to Elder Kelley as well!

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