I Love You, Mom!

As Craig mentioned in his e-mail today, he sent me a Mother’s Day/Birthday letter.  It arrived in today’s mail, and I just love it.  I have decided to share it with you:

Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday!!!

Once I realized that Mother’s Day and your birthday were coming up quick, I knew I’d better get started quick on a letter!  This one can’t be late!

It’s also getting really close to my 1-year mark at this point.  My how time flies!  Time is a really weird thing on the mission. . .  I’ve really loved it a lot though.  I’ve learned a lot of really important things.  It really is an experience I couldn’t trade for anything!  Even though there have been sacrifices to come here, it has already payed back ten fold!

I sure do miss you lots though!  Even though Italian food is good, there’s nothing like Mom’s cooking!  I’m super lucky to have such an awesome mom.  You’ve always done so much for me, and have always treated me more than fairly.  I’m super blessed to have been put in your family!  Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me!  You are for sure the best mom ever.

I’m so happy that we get to Skype soon.  It came around fast this time.  Next Mother’s day I’ll be getting ready to head home!!  That will be weird.  It will be really sad to leave the mission, but really happy to be home.  But for now, I really am enjoying the mission.  It’s helped me realize how important the church is.  There is nothing more important in the world!!

I love you lots!!!  Have a happy birthday, and a happy Mother’s day!!

Love, Craigy Bear 🙂


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