Post-Skype Message

Hey Famiglia!

Well, that’s the best news ever, Dad!  That gives me some peace of mind to hear that I’ll have a nice job lined up after the mission.  [During our Skype with Craig yesterday, he mentioned that he hoped he could get a job at Sports Authority when he gets home.  So at church yesterday, Jeffrey told a member of the ward who happens to work at the Sports Authority corporate office, and he told Jeffrey that Craig has a guaranteed job at the local Sports Authority when he gets back.  He said he would make certain that the manager hires him.] That’s extremely kind of Brother Kohler. Please thank him for me!! That makes me SUPER happy.  That’s a really spiffy car too!!  Wowee.  That sure will look nice!  [Jeffrey is in the process of buying a 1955 T-Bird as a hobby.  It’s being shipped from Florida.]

Let’s see…  I’ve already started packing up lots of stuff today.  I’m just really glad I am not going to Malta or Sardegna because then there are weight limits and most missionaries have to ditch a bag in Rome.  It’s a pain.

Well, Skype is always extremely hard to hang up on. 😦  And afterwards it leaves you a little bit of a homesick feeling.  It’d maybe be a bit nicer if it were 3 times a year.

I did have lots of pictures to send, but it looks like Mom already has them all…  In fact the ones she pulled from Facebook are even better than the ones I have.  [He is referring to the pictures of Salvatore & Eleonora’s wedding promise ceremony that I posted last week.]

I miss you all lots, and I hope Mom’s birthday/Mother’s day card makes it soon!!

It was also a BIG bummer Joey didn’t come. 😦  That made it so sad.  But it looks like she went to Havasu.  That’s so cool!!  [Craig’s girlfriend was planning to join us for the Skype, but she was returning from a camping trip, and they got caught in a blizzard down in Cedar City, and she missed it.  But Jeffrey recorded the Skype and took a copy of it over to her house.] You got that Skype DVD over to Joey’s fast though!  That’s really good.

Well, I don’t have too much else to talk about, cuz we already talked about it all….  Next week should be a lot of fun pictures and stuff!

Tonight we’re going out for pizza with a lot of members and investigators and friends.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

These are some pictures that were taken here at our house during the Skype with Craig. When we first connected with him, we were all wearing funny hats which is the reason why there is a Viking hat next to Ashley and why Makayla’s boyfriend, Jordan, is wearing a policeman’s hat.

We had Craig on two screens.

A family photo with Craig.


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