Trapani. . . Best Transfer Ever!

Hey Famiglia!!!

These first few days here in Trapani with Anziano Barrow have been the BEST! We have such a good time together. He’s such a good missionary, too. We are going to have a blast here. Trapani really is beautiful, too. We live in a part of it that looks more like Afghanistan, but the downtown is GORGEOUS and there are cruise ships in the port a lot. The food here is BOMB, too. I had my first arancino that I actually loved. Everything is going AWESOME! This is going to be the best transfer ever!

I’ve slapped some pics of my first pair of mission shoes, the ones I bought at the mall, and then some travel pics. We take a lot of pictures with Anziano Barrow’s camera too, so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to swap him for them. You’ll have plenty of pics though!

I’ve said all my farewells [in Crotone], and have moved on!

The travels went alright, but unfortunately I’ve been sick all week. 😦  I’m pretty much all better though at this point. It made traveling less fun.  I left Thursday at 10 AM and rode trains until 9 PM. I made it to Catania Thursday night. Then I had to haul my bags one hour on cobblestone streets to the house [where the missionaries in Catania live], and they were HEAVY, and I was coughing my lungs out. No fun. Then we had to walk back down another hour in the morning. Friday morning we hopped on a bus at 9 and made it to Palermo at 11:30ish, and then I met Barrow! Then at 12 Anziano Barrow and I hopped on a bus from Palermo to Trapani (another 2 hours….), and I was in Trapani at about 2 on Friday. It was a LONG trip. It’s beautiful here on Sicily though!!

Our branch is so cool. I haven’t seen this many priesthood holders in so long! We have super cool members. Everything is good about Trapani (except we do have to walk a lot…. but that’s missionary life!)

Anyways, we have a LOT of African investigators. Anziano Barrow found a lot to teach, and they’re really cool, but we’re also gonna try and find some really cool Italian ones, too. 🙂

Well… Anziano Barrow and I are going to get WORK done this transfer. We both are really hard workers. 😉 It’s really great to have a friend like him.

I’m back to e-mailing in an Internet cafè.  It’s okay, but still not the greatest… Oh well. Have a fun Memorial Day!

Normally Sicilian pizza is famous for not being good, but here in Trapani, it’s actually REALLY good. Better than Crotone, that’s for sure. The food here is awesome!

I’ll hopefully have a more detailed letter next week, but I can’t think of too much else…. The house here is also really good. I’ll send you a video of it!  [The video made me dizzy just like the last one, so I’m not going to post it.  I’ll have to tell Craig to slow WAY down next time.]

Anziano Jones

Boy, those sure look like they have some miles on them!

Crossing from the mainland to Sicily.

 Meeting up with Anziano Barrow in Palermo.

Views from the balcony at church.

Craig with Brother Joseph.

Sicilian pizza!

Together at last!

Two buddies from Timpview High School.

Eating some good arancini.

In front of one of the cruise ships Craig was talking about.

Craig said, “Our chapel!  The chapel really is beautiful here. . . And they have a REAL upright piano!!!  YAY!!!  It’s so great.”

View from the front of the chapel.

Having dinner at someone’s home after church on Sunday.

Craig making banana pancakes for breakfast this morning.  That sign on the cupboard says “Don’t do it!!!  Stop biting now!!”  And then it’s signed “Brioscia”  I have no idea what that means or why it’s hanging in their kitchen, but I bet it was there before Craig arrived.  In the video Craig sent, I could see that he taped his Grammie’s recipe for banana pancakes on to the refrigerator door.

Anziano Barrow by a pretty fountain.

I found this picture on Sister Waddoups’ blog.  I thought it was cool because it shows the board where they keep track of all the missionaries who are serving in the Italy Rome Mission.  Every six weeks, they move some of the cards around, and then they start making travel plans to figure out how to get everybody to their new areas.  This time around, Craig’s travel plans included a train, a boat, a bus, and walking!  That is President Waddoups in the picture and the other guy is probably one of the assistants who works in the mission home.


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