Only One Year Left!

[Craig is scheduled to come home on May 26, 2015—exactly one year from today!!  YAY!!]

Hey Famiglia!

This last week was pretty exhausting.  We spent a LOT of time on the streets doing finding, looking for those prepared people.  We found a couple and even had a return appointment, but unfortunately the results were no shows and let downs.  Even with our normal investigators and new converts we received quite a few no shows.  The mission can be tough sometimes!

One investigator that really has been trying hard to change is a guy named Jesse.  [The names of all investigators have been changed.]  He’s about…. 38-40?  He is working on quitting smoking, and really has had a tough time in life.  I’ve noticed him trying hard to do what is right, and we had a really good lesson with him this week along with our branch president.  Jesse really likes Anziano Barrow, which is great.

There is also a lady from EC that we are teaching named Sabrina.  She is very kind and is very open to listening to us, but unfortunately hasn’t come to church yet.  She even reads the Book of Mormon, and says she will be baptized as soon as she gets her answer! We just need her to come to church to keep on progressing.  Sabrina is very good.

Yesterday Presidente Nudo came to have our branch conference.  The way it works here in Sicily is all of Sicily is one stake.  So this President is over all of Sicily.  He taught the members exactly what they needed to hear, and he set the challenge for us to become a ward this year.  He explained the requirements to us all and all the members jumped on board.  By October or so everybody should have brought a friend to the knowledge of the Gospel and the true Church.

Our branch President also took us joy riding this week which was absolutely BOMB.  He took us out through the country.  It’s so pretty here!  He also took us to a little town that makes the best cannoli in the whole world.  Yummy!!!! The cheese they use is awesome, filled with chocolate chips.

Ben and I have been having a great time together.  He’s the best companion ever!!  We sometimes probably stay up a little too late chatting about random things, but other than that we work our fannies off.

By the way, I’m considering lowering the quality of the pictures I take with my camera…. Because it really does take a long time to upload them all.  But I guess I could manage still if you all wanted…. Let me know what you think!

I hope you all have a fun Memorial Day!  I’m really jealous!  Ben and I actually bought some beef this morning to make some burgers with this week…. Hopefully it turns out well! We’re crossing our fingers.

Today we’re going up the big hill over here (it’s hard to call it a mountain but… yeah).  It should be fun.  It’s called Erice.  There’s a big castle up there that is cool, and I hear the view is gorgeous…  I’ll be sure to get some pics!

Sicilian food is really really yummy… In fact we have a lunch appointment today at 1:30, in an hour.  Then we’re heading up to Erice.

I can’t believe there’s only a year left of the mission!  It’s gone so fast.  I’ve learned a lot of important life lessons out here!  I’d better wrap it up pretty soon now.

Have a fun barbecue!!! Save me a burger and a dog or two!!  It sounds way too good right now…..

Anziano Jones

I bet those were yummy!

Sicilian Cannoli

The joy ride with the branch president.

I think this one is funny because Ben looks like he’s dreaming about that pastry.


2 thoughts on “Only One Year Left!

  1. Laura, This is Nate Kelley’s mom. How did you find out about the release date? I am sure it is the same for Nate….as they both entered the MTC June 12th. I can’t believe how fast it has gone!! Monica Kelley

    • Monica, when Craig was filling out his visa paperwork before he went into the MTC, I noticed that there was a date on it that said he would be leaving Italy on May 29, 2015. That date was put there by somebody in the travel department at the church office building. I wondered why it was a couple of weeks short of two years, but I later figured out that it’s because they shortened the MTC stay from 8 weeks to 6 weeks, and the missionaries only go home at the end of a transfer period (every 6 weeks) and not during the middle of one. Then a few months ago, Craig told me that President Waddoups changed the day that the missionaries go home from the Friday during transfer week to the Tuesday during transfer week. That means that unless they change it again, they should be coming home on Tuesday, May 26, 2015. I recently asked Craig if there is any chance that he will be staying until June, and he said no, they will definitely be coming home in May. So, I’m pretty sure that’s the correct date.

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