A Pickpocket in Palermo

Hey Famiglia!

We had lots of crazy things happen this week, and this next week is gonna be crazy too! Monday and Tuesday we were in Palermo. Long story short, we had offered to show Sister Waddoups and another senior couple where the Tie Cave is. The Tie Cave is a place where there are literally thousands of ties all for 4 Euros here in Palermo. It’s pretty cool! Unfortunately, on our way over on the bus, Sister Waddoups got pickpocketed right in front of me. I was talking to her the whole time, and I didn’t even see a thing. It was insane. They are so sneaky here. I have no idea how they manage to be that sneaky. I never took my eyes off of her even on the bus because I was a little bit worried already. Gosh darn. [On Sister Waddoups’ blog, she mentioned that the pickpocket must have a well-planned operation because there were charges on her credit card within minutes.]

[I mentioned to Craig that someone named Michael Rowland had sent him a friend request on Facebook.]  Michael Rowland is a guy that served here in Trapani and came back to visit. He’s the coolest ever! He’s on a 4-month trip over here in Europe. He has lots of little tricks and tips on how to travel super low cost, and with practically nothing. All he has is a backpack. It seems super fun. He sparked a little desire in me to come back one day and do a fun tour of Italy and other places in Europe for super cheap as well! He’s a really fun guy too. He’s been basically everywhere in Europe and Asia at this point.

Well, I’m back on the stinky keyboard again this week, so it’s super hard to write. On Saturday we got to go to Enna for stake conference. We got to see all the missionaries on Sicily! It was so awesome! Then Sunday they broadcasted stake conference from Switzerland. President Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson were there and both spoke! It was awesome. The car ride was 3 hours each way, so we spent over 6 hours in the car on Saturday… It was cramped in that small Italian car. It was me, Anziano Barrow, Michael Rowland, and 2 other members.

Today we’re in Palermo again to play ZONE SOCCER!! I’m so excited! It will be a blast. Wednesday we’re all going to Mistretta to do a “District Blitz.” That city has suffered for a year now with no real success at all. We’re all going to spend a day finding to see if we can give it a breath of life. If not, it may close down. We hope not!

We’ll be having a baptism this Saturday as well! His name is Riccardo.  [Name has been changed.]  Barrow and Morgan had started teaching him, and now we’ve finished up, and he’s ready! It should be sweet!

[I asked Craig if he’s seen the salt pools in Trapani and if he’s had any fish there yet.]  I have seen the salt pools here, but from a distance. I have avoided fish at all costs! The members that invite us over know that I don’t like it and have been SO AWESOME and have set aside a plate for me without it! Ben doesn’t like it too much either but didn’t speak up… He was pretty jealous!

They forgot to bring down everything for zone conference so nobody got anything…. I didn’t get the package or anything. Ugh. We don’t even have any supplies anymore.

Anyways, I better get going.

Anziano Jones

These pictures were all taken in Palermo when Craig and Ben went there for zone conference last week.  They arrived in Palermo on Monday which is their P-day, so they got to do a little bit of sightseeing that day.

I don’t know why, but this one struck me as funny for some reason.

Ben looks like he’s singing his heart out!

Craig said:  “Me and Busdicker are reunited!  He’s in my district.”  They met at the MTC and became good friends.

The members of Craig’s district.

The rest of these pictures were taken on Tuesday during the zone conference, and I got them from Sister Waddoups’ blog.  It looks like Ben and Craig got matching ties!

It must be lunchtime!

Craig and Ben are in the back.  I’m glad they let the girls go first!

The Palermo zone with President and Sister Waddoups.  Craig is in the center of the photo.  Click on picture for a larger view.

It looks like this must have been the shopping trip when Sister Waddoups was pickpocketed.



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