Ben is Being Transferred

Hey Famiglia!!

Well, the most exciting news this week is the transfer news!  And…. Ben is leaving me!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  That’s the bad part of the news.  The good part is that…  I’ll be getting a greenie!! Wahoo!  That is so awesome.  President called us up on Saturday morning and talked to Ben first, letting him know he’d be leaving, then talked to me.  We don’t know who it’ll be until he gets off the bus in Palermo!  Also, Anziano Busdicker is going to be training as well.  He was “born” into the same district as me in Napoli, and now we are both getting our first greenies together in Palermo!  It’s going to be lots of fun, but A LOT of work.  It’s going to be a hard transfer.  Dab guessed right!  We’ll be starting from basically scratch.  Our investigator pool is extremely dry at the moment.

Ben will be going to Syracusa.  He’s staying on Sicily!  He’s excited, and Syracusa is beautiful. His dad also served there when he was here on his mission.  It was a fun transfer, and it’s a bummer it’s already over…  Today we went to probably the prettiest beach on Sicily.  It’s called San Vito lo Capo.  It’s gorgeous.  We went and played some frisbee and stuff on the sand, ate some pizza, and rented out a four-man bike!  We went with Dario and Vito, two recently returned missionaries in our branch.  They are great, and help us out tons!

So there are 7 new elders coming.  Two from Utah, then the others are from Idaho, Texas, California, Maryland, and New Jersey.  [One of the two new missionaries from Utah is BYU basketball player, Eric Mika.  That would be cool if Craig got to be his trainer.]  You’ll find out which one next week when I e-mail.  Some favors I’d like to ask:  I’d like Aunt Linda and Uncle Dave’s address, and also Ashley’s.  Also, it’d be nice to have some pictures of the mountains in Utah, and of Utah scenery in general.  I tell people all the time about Utah but it’d be cool to have some pictures of it.  Also some pictures of our house would be nice.

Unfortunately Eli [name has been changed] hasn’t been able to get ANY time off work because he’s been out of town for 2 months, so we’ll be waiting towards the end of summer for his baptism.  He’s a very strong investigator and isn’t discouraged though! We’re still excited for him.  The members here are very supportive!

Oh!  And also, be sure to send me pictures of Salvatore’s wedding if you manage to find any on Facebook or wherever.  I want to see some!!

I’m glad to hear work is going nicely Jeffoso!  You lucky dog!  [Jeffrey is now working just 32 hours a week.]  OH!  Another good bit of news is that the PACKAGE CAME!!!! Wahoo!!! Some missionaries were coming down from Rome and brought down our mail and orders for us. Yippee!!!  I’ve already been snarfing down lots of it, and sharing too, so the treats are going fast.  We had a couple Italians come for exchanges and they never have really seen any of that candy or have access to it ever.

Well…. I’ve got lots of pics and will have even more after Ben and I swap pictures on Wednesday.  We’ve gotta get going soon.  I’ll upload as many pics as I can.

Ciao ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Craig forgot to explain some of these pictures, so I don’t know what this one is.  Pretty sky.

Ben is always making me laugh with his expressions.

Craig said, “We found a burger  joint!  It wasn’t half bad!”

See what I mean about Ben’s expressions!  In this one, I think he looks as though he’s saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten so much!”  Ha ha!

Italy is so beautiful!

These next several pictures were taken today when they got the pizza and went on the four-man bike ride for P-day.  When I first opened this picture, and it filled my computer screen, I felt like that pizza was right in front of me, and I wanted to take a bite of it.

Craig and Ben with Dario and Vito, the two recently returned missionaries.

San Vito lo Capo, the beach that Craig said is probably the prettiest on Sicily.

Riding the four-man bike.

That looks like fun!

Along the Sicilian coast.

Ben’s mother sent me these last two pictures.  I’m not sure when they were taken.

Craig sure did enjoy his time with Ben.  I’m really glad they got to be companions even though it was only for six weeks.


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