Craig’s New Greenie!

Hey Famiglia!

So my greenie has now arrived!  His name is Anziano Trejo, from MEXICOOOOOO!!! YEAHH!!!!  It’s awesome.  The poor guy is a bit homesick and misses his tacos really bad, but he’s a nice guy.  He doesn’t walk 10 feet behind me and kick rocks at me though, luckily [that’s what Jeffrey’s first greenie in Venezuela did to him]….  Instead, he stays glued to my side.  Sometimes while I walk I have to fold my arms because I don’t have enough room to swing them because he is so close.  It’s always awkward when you hit hands with your companion.

He speaks pretty okay English and already has a HUGE advantage in Italian.  Half the words he says are Spanish though, but it works; people understand him!

Before I forget…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHLEY!!!!!  WAHOOO!!!  I don’t even know if she’ll read this somehow or not…  I’m pretty jealous.  I felt a little pang in my stomach thinking about all the 4th of July food you’ll be eating this week.  [We have company coming from Kentucky and California this week to celebrate the 4th with us.]  Gosh.  Anziano Trejo was especially sad as we walked out of the grocery store this morning.  Italian supermarkets just aren’t the same as our good ol’ grocery stores in the U.S… [or apparently the ones in Mexico either!]

It’s a little tough adjusting to a greenie.  He has not the slightest clue how to even cook. But it’s an adventure.  [I wish I could be a fly on the wall so that I could watch Craig teaching Anziano Trejo how to cook!]  I think I should probably convince him not to buy soda and pizza all the time on the street; otherwise he’ll go broke too fast!  It’s always hardest to adjust to finding and teaching with someone.  We’ll get better with that!

His name is Oscar Trejo from Tampico, Mexico.  Anziano Trejo was companions with Elder Mika in the MTC!  [the BYU basketball player that I mentioned last week]

So the way this week worked was on Wednesday Ben and I went to Palermo, and then Ben left on a bus that night to Catania.  Then I stayed with Anziano Busdicker and his companion while we waited for our greenies.  Then Busdicker’s companion left Thursday, and Anziano Busdicker and I picked up our  greenies Friday morning in Palermo.  I stayed in Bagheria, which is basically Palermo.  It’s a little city on the outskirts.

Anyways, we’re plugging along here in Trapani.  I must say it’s not exactly raging at this point, but we’re hoping a little bit of  “greenie magic” will help blow up this place.

Oh!  One thing is that Mom, maybe you should look into making me a Drop-box account. A lot of missionaries use it.  Then I can upload all of my pictures at once instead of having to send them in a bunch of little e-mails, which is really tedious for me.  Let me know what you think!  I also have a lot of Anziano Barrow’s pictures, but they would take way too long to upload.  If you make a Drop-box account, let me know the password and such so that I can get into it to drop off the photos.  It’s free!

Well…..  I can’t think of anything else to write about at this point.  This mission is really hard, and the fact our work isn’t going as well as I would like is a bit worrying for me at this point, but I know it’ll get better!  There are always ups and downs in the mission.

The BYU football schedule looks very strange to me!  Holy smokes.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen half of those teams even play!

Oh! On Friday we had a cake bake contest in the branch.  I was lucky enough to score a spot as one of the judges!  Yummy!  There was a really good Kit-kat cake that won it all!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Craig forgot to explain this picture, but it looks like it might have been taken at a district meeting before Ben left.

Craig with Anziano Busdicker, one of his good friends from the MTC.

At the bus station in Palermo.

Anziano Trejo and Craig meet each other.

Craig explained that Anziano Trejo travels with a sombrero!

Craig’s description was just:  “Bandanas!”  I wonder if those are from Italy or Mexico!

This must be the winning Kit-kat cake!

I can see why Craig was excited to be a judge in this contest!

These are the awards for the contest:  1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.

Here you can see all of the participants and who the winners were.

This is the card that was inside Anziano Trejo’s golden envelope from President Waddoups.  It gave him all of the information about his first assignment, including his first city and the name and picture of his trainer.

These last several pictures were taken today in Trapani.

I miss Craig!


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