Hey Famiglia!

I’m now dropping off all the pics into the DropBox because it’s a million times easier. They are all uploading as I type!  The bad news is that I don’t really have too many of them this week.  I’m sorry to hear about the window!  That’s the pits!  [We had some company from Kentucky for the 4th of July, and on our way to take them back to the airport, we stopped at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake.  While we were looking at the gardens, somebody smashed the back window of my car and stole all of the luggage that belonged to our guests.]

I’m glad to hear you all had such a great time for 4th of July!  I’m pretty jealous.  I miss that holiday!! It’s so great!  Gosh.  I could use a burger right about now.  Well, this week we had some absolute MIRACLES!  We found so many new investigators this week!  It was a complete turnaround from last week.  We found one family called the Cantus.  [The names of all investigators have been changed.]  They met the missionaries 30 years ago, and we finally found them again.  They have 4 kids now, 34, 32, 26, and 18.  The 26 and 18 year-olds are boys, and they are SUPER cool!  We’ve gone over there a couple times already and will go back again tonight.  They are great.

Also, in church yesterday a new couple randomly walked into Sacrament Meeting. Naturally everyone looked at them because no one knew who they were.  Afterwards we snuck up to them to find out who they were.  Turns out the wife is Mexican and has been in Italy for a year, but didn’t realize that there was a branch in Trapani!  Once Anziano Trejo found that out, they started going off in Spanish together.  Her husband is not a member. That was awesome!  Next Sunday we’ll be meeting with the husband to teach him!

Anyways, even with all the cool stuff that happened this week, I’m finding it hard to find things to talk about…  I saw some of the wedding pics.  [Salvatore and Eleonora’s. . . Since Craig and his companion both speak English, Spanish, and Italian, I asked him which language they speak when they are in their apartment.]  Anziano Trejo and I just speak in English at home.  I am sorry, the computer just crashed in the Internet Cafè….  Ugh.  That wasted a little bit of time.  Oh well.

Today we’re in Palermo because we’re going to play soccer again!!  It is always way fun. Everyone talks about the world cup here.  Everyone seemed to respect the U.S. this year. We made it further than Italy did!  I have started to actually like soccer a little bit more.  I used to not care for it much at all.

I am for sure getting a bit of a pasta belly, but it’s alright.  Italian food is starting to wear on me a little bit.

Hopefully I used DropBox right.  If I didn’t, let me know how I should make the folders and stuff.  I have never used it before and can’t use too much time figuring it out.

I think that’s all the news I have for now.  We should be baptizing Eli, our African that speaks Italian the 16th of this month.  That’s something fun for us to look forward to!

Last week when the going was tough, we said some fervent prayers, and then got up and got to work and had lots of success!  We got 7 new investigators this week.

I’d better go.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

Because Craig is now using DropBox to send us his photos, he was able to upload the pictures he had from Ben’s camera.  The good news is that we have lots of pictures this week. The bad news is that Craig didn’t give us any descriptions for them.  Most of the photos on this post were taken back when Craig and Ben were companions.

Starting with this picture of the boats, the rest of these photos were taken this week, but we don’t have any descriptions for these either.


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