Taking Some Heat!

Hey Famiglia!

It is pretty darn hot down here in Sicily.  The humidity doesn’t help much!  Sorry, I don’t have too many pics to send this week.  We are e-mailing first thing this morning, so I should take quite a few more later today.  This week went pretty A-ok.  We did exchanges on Friday so that Eli could be interviewed, and he passed!  [The names of all investigators have been changed.]  The only problem is that he may have to work on Wednesday, so we don’t even know if he can be baptized this week…  Sometimes the mission can require a little bit of patience!

Anziano Trejo is a little homesick still, but hopefully he can get past it!  He’s a good guy and has been catching on to lots of things.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t really seem to have any interest in learning how to cook…  So it’s basically just up to me to make sure we get some good eats.  Which is fine, because I’ve never really minded cooking.

Today we’ll be going to the beach to play some frisbee and toss a football around with an investigator and some members hopefully.  It should be a lot of fun!

So last time I was uploading all the pics that Barrow gave me, but unfortunately the computer had a crash and I don’t even know which ones you got.  So I’m going to send most of them again and hope that they are different ones!  Sorry if you get doubles.

Lately I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon again with the manual.  It’s been really good.  I love studying with the manual because it gives tons of extra insights, quotes, and ideas.  It really has been a huge blessing.  I’m about half-way through with it at this point. I think this is the 4th read of the Book of Mormon that I’ve done on my mission.  It’s awesome.  Every time there are new little things I get out of it.  I’ve been going through it with a red pen and really marking it up good.

It’s pretty crazy now that I’ve been a missionary 13 months as of Saturday!  (I think I did that math right…)  We got to go to the Mexican lady’s house and start teaching her husband yesterday.  It was awesome.  They are Serena and Mario.  I think that Mario is a really great guy.  He’s very honest, intelligent, and understanding.  He’s agreed to start reading and praying to know, and says he will come to church next Sunday.  We have high hopes for them, and we’re very excited!!

I think I’d better leave it at that for this week.

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

The only reason I am posting this video of a turtle is because it’s the first time we’ve actually been able to hear Craig speak a little bit of Italian.

The first part of these pictures are the ones Craig just sent us from Ben’s camera, so they were taken several weeks ago when Craig and Ben were still companions.  The more recent photos with Anziano Trejo are at the bottom of the post.  Unfortunately, Craig didn’t give us any descriptions for the pictures again this week.  I will try to work on him next week.

This photo and the rest of them were all taken this week with Anziano Trejo.


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