Another Close Call with a Light Fixture!

Hey Famiglia!

I guess I’ll start out by telling about a pretty crazy thing that happened in church yesterday… Right in the beginning of the second speaker’s talk, out of nowhere, a big metal light cover/grate (about 5-6 feet long) thingy fell off of the ceiling in the middle of the room, but luckily landed on a couple of chairs that nobody was sitting in.  It was super lucky because basically all the chairs were full, except for those few chairs.  All the Italians went pretty nutz-o in the middle of the meeting. [To read about Craig’s first close call with an Italian light fixture, click here:  Exploding Lights and a Burning Romance.]

Some other exciting news is that before the end of this year, the Italy Rome Mission will start using Internet (Facebook/E-mail) as a part of our proselyting!!  Wahoo!  It will be really interesting.  I’m super excited that I get to see it implemented.  We don’t really know much at all about it, but we’ll be getting more info later.  I’m glad that it did not exist until this point though because we got to do things pretty “old-fashioned” if you will.  Obviously it’s nowhere near the same as it was way back in the day, but it will be cool to see the transition for myself!

Also, I received 2 letters from Mom at zone conference, one with the pictures (Thanks a lot! They’re awesome) and also the July newsletter.  I can’t wait to see that package that’s coming!!  It will probably be coming… I don’t know when.  I heard that the mission will not be bringing us our packages down from Rome for awhile now because there are too many.  I heard that they will wait until close to Christmas to give them to us. 😦  I don’t know.

There are so many awesome potentials right now, which is great, but they need to become investigators this week.  Our English course is absolutely TINY (for some reason or another the people here in Trapani seem to… not be super interested in it…) but from the few people that come (4 or 5 people), 3 of them are super strong potentials and have accepted Books of Mormon and invitations.

Anziano Trejo and I are also searching for a decent whiteboard to start using.  At zone conference they told us about a different finding technique that I’ve never used before: “Whiteboarding.”  Basically we write down an interesting question on the whiteboard (Are families eternal?) and walk around in a park etc…  and use it to start conversations, maybe even run little “surveys” and stuff.  We thought it might be fun to try out.

As of right now the only “baptismal date” we have is with Romeo, the 9 yr old.  [The names of investigators have been changed.]  We’re hoping to get some more.  It’s some tough going over here in Italy, especially during the summer.

We’ll be going to Mistretta for the district blitz this week again, to try and revitalize that area.  [I asked Craig which area has been his favorite so far and where Anziano Trejo went to learn to speak Italian.]  My favorite area so far?  I don’t really know… It’s really too hard to say.  Each one has their benefits and downsides!  They are all really cool though.  I love each one for different reasons.  Anziano Trejo has learned Italian really fast here since it’s so similar to Spanish.  I’m really jealous!  It took me so much longer to get to the level that he’s at right now!

I think that should be about it for this week. We’re pushing ahead!  It’s a battle right now. Missionary work never was easy!  I know the Church is true!  This man had a battle with me on the street this week while Anziano Trejo was talking to someone else.  The man basically thinks God is an evil God because people in the Bible used to sacrifice animals.  I explained why they did, but he didn’t take it.  He had many other crazy ideas.  I explained to him the answers.  I asked him why he thought it was wrong to kill.  He said it was because it was one of the Ten Commandments.  I aksed him if he didn’t believe in the Bible, why he follows the Ten Commandments (silence for a moment… then the madness continues on).  He at the end basically told me I could never beat him because “I’ve studied this stuff for 50 years!”  I looked at him in the eyes and bore him my testimony.  I told him he cannot say the Book of Mormon isn’t the word of God if he’s never read it and prayed and asked God.  Just like I can’t go to your house and say you don’t exist if you’re not home.  Just like I can’t say that hair cutters don’t exist if a man with long hair and a long beard walks past me on the street.  I thought the conversation was very interesting.  I’ll write down the rest of it in my journal so that I can remember it later on!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

All of the pictures on today’s post were taken last week at the Palermo Zone Conference.  Some are from Craig’s camera, and some are from Sister Waddoups’ blog. Click on the photo above for a larger view.

Uh oh!  It looks like it was another stuffed animal zone conference.  I recognize the one on the bottom as Craig’s!

It looks like Anziano Busdicker is now Anziano Bus!

Craig and his companion, Anziano Trejo.

I miss that guy!

Anziano Trejo

Craig and Anziano Trejo in discussion with the stuffed animals looking on.

The stuffed animals on the pulpit.

And now we see who the owners of the stuffed animals are.


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