Happy to be Staying in Trapani

Hey Famiglia!

So I found out on Saturday that my time will continue in Trapani!  I’m glad.  I really do like Trapani lots!  Well, I had a bag full of stuff to talk about, but I already blanked…  Sheesh! Our whole district is staying the same, except for one elder who is headed from Palermo to go to Crotone!  McArthur is leaving, but I don’t know to where yet!

This past week we went back up to Mistretta for another blitz trying to revitalize the city. It went well, and we think we found some good people for the elders over there to work with!  It’s been a few years since there’s been a baptism in that city.

Well, nothing too exciting happened this week, other than that stuff.  Unfortunately, Anziano Trejo got hit in the head with a little rock that some kids threw at us….  That was kind of a bummer.  He’s totally fine though.  Hopefully next time he’ll duck sooner! 😉

I absolutely can’t wait for the package!  The only problem is that there is the possibility that the office is not sending down anymore packages until Christmas because there are too many in the office to bring…. I hope I don’t have to wait!  That would be awful if it were true.  They sent out an e-mail a while ago saying that.  I’ll let you know!

Let me know how the Vegas trip goes!  Most people have no idea where Utah is, so I tell them “It’s close to Las Vegas” and they go, “OHHHHHH okay.  Hey everyone, there’s a Vegas boy here!”  And then I go with it.

I’m glad I get to stay with Trejo again.  He says some really funny things with his Mexican accent.  I’m writing them down to share after the mission. 😉  Time is flying.  I agree that I’ll be done here after this transfer.

We honestly still have no info about how the Internet usage is going to work.  We may get i-Pads too!  We simply just do not know however.  I’ll let you know!  We will have one Facebook account for the “Trapani Anziani” though.  By the way, could you send a Facebook friend request to Nunzio Laudicina for me?  He wanted me to add him.  He’s our branch president in Trapani.  He’s super awesome too.

This week one of our investigators, Brando [name has been changed], FINALLY came to church.  He said he’d be baptized if he sees a miracle!  We’re hoping to show him a miracle very soon. 😉  It kills me that some people are so gosh darn stubborn.  It really is the pits!

I can’t believe how fast my time is flying.  I’ll probably only have 2 more cities.  How crazy is that?? For me that’s unbelievable.  I’m super happy though!  We’re safe and sound over here in Trapani.  Tomorrow we’ll be having a BBQ after district meeting to say goodbye to the old transfer and hello to the new!

I’m grateful for the Book of Mormon.  I know without a doubt in my mind that it is absolutely true.  It’s such a huge blessing.  Now I’m in Helaman.  I love reading it!  I love sharing it with everybody.  In the end, it is the only explanation that makes sense!

Ciao for this week!
Anziano Jones

Craig and the members of his district went back up to Erice which is above Trapani.  There are two castles up there, Pepoli Castle and the Venus Castle.

Click on this panorama photo for a larger view.  It is a picture of Trapani taken from Erice.

Craig’s friend from the MTC, Anziano Busdicker.

I miss you, Craig!


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