Too Much Pasta

Hey Famiglia!

This week I guess you could say was a pretty average ol’ week in the mission field!  In fact it seemed to drag a little bit…  I’m not so sure why!  This week there’s the dreaded “ferragosto,” which is on the 15th.  That basically means EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE is closed, and everybody does nothing.  President Waddoups has us stay inside to clean the apartment instead of going out, because it’s not the ideal day to be doing finding and such.

[I asked Craig if he will need to go back to Napoli sometime soon to renew his permesso.]  I am not sure about what I need to do about renewing my permesso.  I may be able to just do it in my next city.  It depends.  Mine doesn’t expire until November though, if I remember right.

This week you’ll notice a plate of food in the pictures.  This food was prepared by one of our members, Lorenza Patino.  She’s Italian, but her husband is from Colombia.  There’s a picture of us with them.  They were super awesome.  Anziano Trejo said he almost cried because it was so close to Mexican food.  It was pretty funny.  He misses Mexican food quite a lot!  Italian food is good, but it does take a toll on the body after a while…  It is always the same old pasta stuff!!!!  Sometimes I think my body gets a little bit beat up by all of this gluten!!

[I mentioned to Craig that his branch president’s Facebook page says he studied at the University of Utah.]  Nunzio Laudicina is our branch president.  He traveled all over the world working on boats shipping stuff to places.  I can’t remember exactly what it is that he did.  But he’s been most places in the world!  Except I don’t think he’s ever lived in the US…. I know he’s been there.  I am not sure why he put he’s studied at the University of Utah.

[I told Craig I didn’t really understand the logic of waiting to deliver all of the packages until Christmas because there are too many when there will obviously be a lot more by Christmas.]  I think they may be just planning on taking a grand tour of Italy with the big mission van right before Christmas like they did last year so that everyone can get all of their stuff, as far as packages and things…  I’m not sure.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed! We won’t have a full blown zone conference this transfer, but we will have a specialized training.  It’s on the…. 26th if I remember right!  They may still bring stuff.

We really don’t have too much exciting news over here.  I remember back a couple of weeks ago, we ran into an atheist. Anziano Trejo led the conversation on this particular one, and to say the least, it didn’t go so well for him. That atheist was a stubborn, hot-headed one. Yesterday evening while we stopped a guy on the street, there was a similar scenario. I left space for Anziano Trejo to talk to see how he would handle it this time, and it was a hundred times better. I was really impressed with his progress.

I am really bad at keeping you all updated with our investigators and work status.  I guess it’s because when I hop on e-mail I get distracted by so many other things!  We currently have 2 baptismal dates, for the 30th this month, and for the 6th of September.  Romeo [the names of all investigators have been changed] is the 9 year old, and everything is all good so far for him for the 30th.  The other one is Roberto, another African for the 6th of September.  Roberto has accepted all of our commitments, and seems solid, but he missed church twice in a row!!! We may have to bump him back a little bit…  Sheesh!

Everything is all good here.  Trejo and I are mixing up the lunch schedule.  A lot less pasta, a lot more sandwiches, meats, etc…  It’s good.

That’s about it for Sicily!  Today is the first day of transfer 10 in the field!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

The dinner prepared by Lorenza Patino.

Craig and Anziano Trejo with Lorenza and her husband.

A bird in a nest.  Craig forgot to mention where this was taken.


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