Ferragosto and a Scary Dog!

Hey Famiglia!

This week was extraordinary!  Not really.  But it was fun!  Let’s see…  What exciting things happened.  On Saturday Trejo and I almost got eaten by a stray dog on the street.  That was actually pretty scary.  It was laying down on the sidewalk as I was passing by.  Once I got within 5 feet of it, it leaped up and started coming after me, and fast!!  I started to back off real quick-like, and Trejo was a little bit further away from it and tried to walk around it, but then it went after him too.  We had our bags off ready to hit it if it tried to bite us, but after it chased us across the street, it stood its ground a little bit. We picked up some rocks, and after we threw one at it, it left.  That was a relief, especially because maybe a month ago there was an Anziano in Palermo that got bit by a stray dog and had to get 19 shots, most of them in the rear…  Sheesh!

So this last week was the Ferragosto week where nobody works and everybody plays. There was a big fair down at the docks.  While I was there I found a cool looking Messi jersey of Barcelona soccer for £10, and I snatched it.  It’s not an official one, but it’s a pretty nice quality and will be fun to play in!  I forgot to take a picture of it for today though, darn it!

As far as that question goes for the vacation, I think that would be a LOT of fun!!!  Yeah!  I really have no idea which one I’d prefer because there are benefits to both vacations!! That sounds amazing.  I’ll give it some good deep thought this week!  I can’t wait!!

Mak’s new job sounds good as well!

This week we had a really cool Plan of Salvation lesson with Serena (the Mexican lady/member) and her husband Mario [all names have been changed].  It really was something special.  Mario is a very intelligent and good guy, and we really want to unite them together as a family.  At the end of the lesson, Serena was sharing her thoughts about the Plan of Salvation, and she shared some of her feelings and testimony about the lesson. It was really special!  The Spirit was super strong.  She even shed some tears. The roles that members have in helping us teach lessons is invaluable!!  It’s super important.  I think that what she shared had a big impact on her husband.

I’m glad that guy thinks your ride is nice, Dad!  That’s a pretty good compliment, coming from a guy like that!  It is a pretty sweet ride!

I’m really happy with what I’m doing here as a missionary.  As I explain to people what we do on a day-to-day basis, they look at us like we’re crazy!!  I really love it though.  But I miss you all lots!!  I can’t wait to come home, but I don’t ever want to leave either.  I thank the Lord a lot for all of the blessings I’ve already received and all that I will receive being able to do this missionary work.  I think about you lots.  The time is counting down fast!  I hope it doesn’t go too soon.

Friday we stayed inside and cleaned our apartment super well, but we did go to lunch with the Valenti family.  There should be a picture uploaded!  There is our African brother, Brother Joseph, too.

Another strange thing was that we saw two people get rear-ended this week… Good job Italian drivers!! 😉  Driving outside of the U.S. is a completely different thing!! Over here it’s pretty insane!

The 30th, Romeo will be getting baptized!  That will be really cool, also because the family is inviting all of their extended family, which means that there will be about 30 other people who aren’t members coming to see a baptism!  We’re hoping for some really good contacts from that.

Well, that should be all for this week! Ciao for now!

Anziano Jones

Lunch with the Valenti family and Brother Joseph.

The rest of these pictures were all taken in the center of Trapani.

Anziano Trejo


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