Translation Trauma

Hey Famiglia!

First off… Happy birthday, Dad!!!!!  Wahoo! 55!  Wow.  I sent off a letter last week so it should make it in time.  I’m excited to hear about how the Cougars do this week.  It sounds like Dad will be having a pretty great week with good eats and football!  I’m super jealous. Char’s Chicken and Noodles sound REALLY good right now…  I’m glad that the fun little colonoscopy trip went well!

So today we’re in Palermo because we’re going to play some zone soccer, and then we’ll be staying here tonight because there will be specialized training tomorrow.  It will be really fun.  Also, Dario Tobia from our branch should be coming up to join us for zone conference. I’m crossing my fingers for the package to come!

I’ve thought a little bit about the vacation, and there’s good things and bad things about both.  But I think overall California might be a little bit better of an idea.  However, Lake Powell would be super fun!  I can’t tell you how excited I am for that trip.  It will be super fun!!!!!

This week I discovered something that kind of shocked me.  My whole mission, up until this point, I went around saying the word “schifo” every now and then, which means “disgusting” when translated in the dictionary.  Except this time when I said it while talking to an investigator, he stopped me and said, “Anziano, you shouldn’t say that!!” This kind of confused me, and I asked him, “Why…?”  And then he told me that it’s something actually pretty heavy to say!  Holy cow. I never even knew that.  I guess people can get really really offended when they hear that word.  Whoopsies!

The pictures this week are of Vito, and his brother, Romeo, the one who will be baptized later this week!  [The names of investigators have been changed.]  The pictures last week were taken down in the center of Trapani.  It’s really pretty down there.  Lots of really old churches and big buildings, and there’s a cruise ship port right there.

I can’t believe it’s already time to think about BYU housing.  I’m going to give it some thought this week and ask some other guys about what I should do.  I really have no idea.

I’m nearing the end of 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, and am reading about Christ’s ministry among the Nephites. I was particularly touched by Christ’s attention to detail and knowledge of the scriptural records that these Nephites had. He made sure that certain things were added into the record, and that other things were corrected. I felt the Spirit confirm to me the importance of these records, and my testimony of the Book of Mormon is strengthened every single time I read it.

Luckily, this week there were no dog attacks.  But there was a guy that wanted to fight with us pretty bad after we tried to talk to his girlfriend about the gospel…. That was weird. Really weird.

Unfortunately there’s a TV program going on right now about a guy who has a bunch of wives that talks about how he’s Mormon, etc…  So now when we talk to people on the street, sometimes they think we have a bunch of wives and stuff.  Someone even brought it up with us this week.  So frustrating!  Golly.  It pushes my buttons when people can get away with stuff like that.  It’s not right!

Anziano Trejo is doing well!  I’m super jealous that he speaks really good Italian already. There’s a sister in the branch that called us this week that speaks Spanish (also Italian).  I answered and jokingly responded in Spanish for fun.  I did manage to set up an appointment in Spanish though!  It wasn’t very pretty, however…

I love you all lots, and have an awesome birthday week!!  I can’t wait to hear about the Cougars!

Anziano Jones

Craig with Vito, Dario, Anziano Trejo, and Francesco.

Vito with his little brother, Romeo, who will be baptized later this week.


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