A Crowd at the Baptism

Hey Famiglia!

So I just spent lots of time reading really good e-mails from everybody! They were great. Everyone had lots to say this week. I’m jealous of your New England trip this week! Well, zone conference was great, but there was no package. 😦 That’s okay though. I asked Sister Waddoups about it, and she said that they were originally waiting until Christmas to bring them all down, but now it looks like they might have to send the assistants with the mission van down from Rome sooner to make a package run because there are too many.

So anyways, we ended up having one of our members, Dario Tobia, come with us to zone conference this week. It was fun! He’s a really, really good guy. He helps us out all of the time.

Unfortunately, I got pretty sick on Friday with a fever and some achiness. The mission nurse said I caught some sort of virus. It left me kind of down, but luckily on Saturday we were able to do everything that we needed to do to prepare for the baptism! It was a massive success. We had 47 people come, and only 15 were members! The rest weren’t even members of the Church. It was super awesome!

It stinks because I am still having a rough time with it. I’m super congested and have trouble breathing because of it. But we’re still getting stuff done. Hopefully it passes soon enough!

Today we went back up to Erice because our good buddy, Vito, from the branch is going to be leaving next Monday to go to England!! NOOOOO!!! We wanted to have a last P-day together. He’ll be going there to find work, a wife, and study. All of those things are really hard for him to do here in Italy. The situation is rough at the moment for Italians.

Well, I’m hoping the pictures upload quick enough. This week I found a D&C manual at the Church in English and took some time to study some small parts of it. There were lots of cool insights from the prophets of the Church, and interesting information about the Plan of Salvation. It’s all just too perfect!

There’s a picture of a glass that’s broken practically perfectly in half… Let me know if you can guess how it happened! 😉

I’m glad the Cougs won, and I’m glad my letter made it to Dad! I sent one to Joey too for her birthday, even before Dad’s, and it still hasn’t made it…. 😦 Stinkin’ Italian mail! It sounds like you all had fun for the birthday party!

Have a good week! I can’t believe that I’m already in the middle of my 10th transfer in the mission! That’s crazy!

Anziano Jones

These first two pictures were taken by Sister Waddoups at the zone conference in Palermo on Tuesday.  Pictured above are (left to right) Anaziano Graham, Anziano Tanner, Anziano Busdicker, and Craig.

Craig playing the piano at zone conference.  The first thing I noticed about this picture is how straight he is sitting.  He used to slouch at the piano, and his piano teacher and I were always reminding him to sit up straight.  Yay, no more slouching!

Craig and Dario Tobia at the zone conference.

Craig with Anziano Liccioli who will be going home at the end of this transfer.

This picture was taken in Trapani.

Since Craig has already had two close calls with Italian light fixtures, I’m going to guess that a light fixture fell on the glass and broke it.

Romeo (in front) and his family at his baptism on Saturday.

Anziano Trejo, Romeo, and Craig.

I’ve never seen a baptismal font like that before.  It looks like it’s portable.

The rest of these pictures were taken today when they went back to Erice with Vito.

Dario Tobia

Dario, Craig, and Vito.  I can’t figure out how Craig was able to do that!


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