A Zone Blitz in Sciacca

Hey Famiglia!

The pictures this week are of Sciacca, where we did a zone blitz.  We also went to Caltanisetta and Agrigento, but I didn’t take any pictures there.  There’s also a picture with a bigger family, the Sanacuore family, and a tasty cake and sweets.  We were there because their son, Vito, left today for London and they had a goodbye party!  He’s going for work and to study (and find a wife).  Other ones include a picture of me with an American family that came on vacation to Trapani.  They actually found my blog and e-mailed me last week for info about the church here.  Then they came and shared their testimonies and such, and I translated for them.

While we were in Sciacca there is also a little bar that has the 2nd best Sicilian granita in ALL the world!!  It was amazing! I took a picture of it.  It was really good.  Perfectly flavored!  That was a real treat for us!

The good news is that now I feel lots better.  Last week was stinky.  We just saw quite a few of the people that were at the baptism last night, when we said goodbye to Vito!  The cake was really really good…  Also the other sweet.  It was called a profiterole.  The cake is famous, it’s called “sette veli”.  Yum!

Dad was right about the glass!  But instead I ran cool water (room temperature) into the glass while it was really hot, because I heated it up.  It was bizzare!  It was an accident…

The fact the Cougars won is awesome!!!  They smoked Texas!  That’s awesome.  It’s cool that they’re ranked now too!  I love good news!

This week we’re getting our transfer calls already!! Holy smokes!  It seems so soon!  I can’t believe it.  I’ve got a hunch I’m going to be headed out, but I have no idea where!  We’ll have to see…  It could be crazy!  A part of me says it’s time to go, and another part will miss Trapani a lot!!  The members here are really, really awesome.  I’ll miss them lots!

I hope your trip in Boston is going well!!  I’m super jealous…  It sounds like a really cool place.  I’d like to go there!

We’ve been working hard to grow our English course which just started back up this week, but it still isn’t doing so well…  We’ve only got about 7 students that come.  We hammered it hard this week, so we’ll see who comes to this one!

That’s about it for this week!  I love you all lots!

Anziano Jones

Most of these pictures were taken in Sciacca when the missionaries went there to do a zone blitz.  A zone blitz is typically done in an area where there aren’t many investigators.  All of the missionaries from the surrounding areas go to that city for a day to try to locate investigators so that the missionaries serving in that city have some people to teach.

Craig with Anziano Birberg who is from Sweden.

The granita that Craig had while they were in Sciacca.  Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and flavorings, and it has a coarse, crystalline texture.  It originates from Sicily, but the texture varies from city to city within Sicily based on the different freezing techniques used. In parts of Sicily, it’s more chunky, and in other parts, it’s more smooth.

In the background are Anziani Busdicker and Kemple.

Craig with the Patino family (Jose, Lorenza, and their son Gianluca).

Craig with the American family who found his blog and then contacted him before their trip to Italy.

Craig with the Sanacuore family at the good-bye party for Vito (next to Craig in the beige shirt).  Vito left for London to study and find a wife!

These are the desserts that were served at Vito’s good-bye party.  This is the one called a profiterole.  It’s a French dessert sort of like cream puffs.

This is the cake called a sette veli.  I can see why Craig enjoyed those desserts.  Italians certainly know how to make yummy desserts!



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