I Will Be Going To. . .

Hey Famiglia!

So the big news has arrived! I’ll be leaving Trapani!!! And I will be headed to quite a most special city!! It is… Brindisi! It’s on the heel of Italy, right near Lecce. And in fact Lecce will be in my district!  [I had told Craig that I hoped he would go to Lecce next!  One of his roommates from the MTC, Anziano Kelley, whose blog I read every week, has been in Lecce for the past several months.]  I don’t know if Kelley will be staying there or not though, but I sure hope so! That would be fun to be in the same district.  [I found out from reading Anziano Kelley’s blog this morning that he will be staying in Lecce and will in fact be the new district leader.]  My new companion’s name is Anziano Bahmer from New Jersey (I think), but I’m not sure about other info other than that! He is in the same group as Anziano Trejo. Another Spanish speaker is coming here to be with Trejo—Anziano Bermudes. He’s from El Salvador. I’m excited. Brindisi is a small coastal city as well, and it’s just a bit smaller than Trapani.

I’m super sad to hear about Salvatore and Eleonora’s baby. That’s the worst! I’m sending them a quick little e-mail. I know that hit them really, really hard because even before his wedding, he told me all about how he wants lots of kids.

The pics this week are of me with the branch and some investigators.  There is one picture of me with a couple who investigated the church 30 years ago, but never got baptized. And now finally, they came back to church to say goodbye to me. After 30 years!! But the good news is that they loved it, and they want to come back. They liked the inviting atmosphere. Yes! There’s also some pictures of the African camp here.

I’m really sad to leave Trapani because it really is an awesome city. I’m really lucky to have served here. The members are really awesome here, and help us out ALL of the time. They are all angels! I’ll miss it a lot. Sicilian food is really good, and the city center is beautiful. Not a bad vacation spot! 😉 It was lots of fun serving with Anziano Trejo too; he’s a really good companion.  I’m lucky because I got to train the only Mexican in the mission!

I’m glad to hear that the Cougars won again, and that they’re climbing the rankings!! That’s awesome! I’m real bummed though that I’m missing out on this season. Sounds like a fun one! But the good news is that this is the last one! I can’t believe how fast time is going. I’m going into transfer number 11 now. There’s only 16 in total! That’s not too many left… Sheesh!

I’m glad to hear that your trip went well! I’m really jealous.  That sounds like a nice relaxed trip with some good eats! [We went to an Italian restaurant one night while we were in Maine, and I ordered their gnocchi.  Since I had never had it before, I asked Craig about it.] Gnocchi are really popular here in Italy. People make them from scratch, but they’re kind of complicated. I buy the pre-made ones in the store because they’re a lot easier. 😉

I just realized that school has already started and that by the time it finishes, I’ll be done too! It’s kind of like senior year again! Man how that time flew!

I really enjoyed sharing my testimony on Sunday in church. It was a really good meeting that we had, and I will miss these people lots! It’s a tight family over here.

A funny story this week is that we have an investigator who owns a betting shop here in Trapani, and when we teach, we pass by and have a seat in his shop because there are plenty of chairs there. The week before, he showed me the NFL games that would be playing on Sunday and asked me which teams would win. I told him a couple teams that looked good (can’t remember which two), and he played on them (I told him not to play on them, because I really don’t know and that it’s not worth the risk, but he was like, “whatever, whatever, it’s fine”). The next week, we passed by again, and it turns out that both the matches had won. He had me pick two more matches, and I picked the Broncos against somebody and I think the 49ers or the Saints or something against some other bad teams, but this time I told him, if we win, we have to do a family home evening and he has to bring pizza and his family. He said fine, fine, but then played the ticket with a few other of his teams.

The good news is that I’m pretty sure the NFL teams he played on won, but he lost some soccer bets he had put on the same ticket, and so he said the family home evening isn’t valid anymore. 😦 I was bummed, but it was still funny. Man, what a waste of money though. He’s a really nice guy, but in the end, running a betting shop isn’t the most ideal investigator status. 😉 Gambling just isn’t worth it at all!

Anyways, that’s about it for this week. Next time I’ll be writing from Bindisi!

Anziano Jones

This map shows where Craig is currently serving (Trapani) and the city that he is being transferred to (Brindisi).  I’m sure it will take him at least two full days of traveling on buses, trains, and a boat to get there.  Click on the map for a larger view.

Craig with the couple who investigated the church 30 years ago and came back this week to say good-bye to him.

Craig with the members of the Trapani branch.  Click photo for a larger view.

These next two pictures are of the African camp that Craig mentioned.

Craig and Anziano Trejo with some more investigators.

This is a picture I found on Sister Waddoups’ blog of Craig’s new companion, Anziano Bahmer from New Jersey.  He just arrived in Italy in June.

This is a picture I saw on Anziano Nathan Kelley’s blog this morning.  He said, “This was after a super rough lesson and this was all I wanted to do.”  Nate is a funny guy, and he is always making me laugh.  I read his blog every week.  I’m really glad that he and Craig will be in the same district.


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  1. Hello to the Jones family from Anziano Bahmer’s Mom! I wanted to send you the pic I got of Anziano Jones, but I guess I can’t in these comments… sigh… (pm me and I’ll forward it on 😀 )

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