On the Road to Brindisi

Hey Famiglia!

So here I am in Brindisi! I left Trapani on Wednesday and got to Brindisi on Saturday morning.  It was a long trip!  I had to spend an extra day in Catania because ALL the bus tickets to Bari were sold out.  I got to hang out with Anziano Barrow again while he was waiting for his new companion to arrive! We got to spend a morning in Catania together.  It was about a 10-hour bus ride by the way…. UGH.  So long!  Puglia is a really cool region here in Italy!

My companion’s name is Robert Bahmer.  He likes theater and choir.  And he’s 6’7″.  He is from North Brunswick, New Jersey.  He seems like a nice fellow! 🙂

There are only 3 investigators here in Brindisi right now, so we’re pretty much starting from scratch.  President sent me here to try and revive the city.  It’s going to be a long road ahead of us!  There’s a lot of work to do.  There are about 15 members who come to church, and the branch president is leaving for the next 3 months to Australia.  Ugh.  Not optimal conditions.  The branch president actually comes from Taranto to preside over the branch here in Brindisi because there aren’t enough members here.

Brindisi itself is half a really pretty city, and half SUPER ugly.  We live in the ugly side, and our church is there too.  There should be pics from our balcony of the city.  The pretty side is cool, where the city center is and all the tourists go.

I’ll miss Anziano Trejo though; he was probably one of my favorite comps.  A really good Elder!

Right now I’m in Lecce, sitting next to Anziano Kelley!!  We’re in the same district!  Lecce is only a 30-minute train ride, and it costs a couple euros, so we came over for P-day.  It’s an AWESOME city!  Probably the most beautiful city center I’ve seen in Italy.  We’ll also be back on Wednesday for district meeting too.  I like Lecce a lot!  It really is beautiful.

I did get a little bit sick again after these transfers…  I didn’t get quite enough nutrition or something during the transfer days.  My time is really short today, because we’re going to go take a tour of a castle here in Lecce now!  We did a tour of the underground river here this morning.  It’s fun to be able to hang out with Kelley!

Ciao for now!
Anziano Jones

These first eight pictures were taken while Craig was still in Trapani.  That’s Craig, Anziano Trejo, and Vito.

This photo was taken the day before Craig left Trapani, and he thinks it was blown up by the Mafia.  I hope nobody was hurt.

These next few pictures were taken at the home of some investigators.  Craig said they are a really funny family.

These next seven pictures were taken on the day Craig had to stay in Catania because he couldn’t get a bus ticket to Bari.  Catania is still on Sicily, but it’s closer to the mainland.

That is the most unusual calendar I’ve ever seen!  It appears that at least part of it has to be re-planted every day.  Click photo for a larger view.

Craig in Brindisi.

These next two pictures were taken from the balcony of Craig’s new apartment in Brindisi.

These next five pictures were taken yesterday in Brindisi.

The next sixteen pictures were taken today while Craig and Anziano Bahmer spent their P-day in Lecce.  The only place Craig mentioned in his letter was the underground river, so I don’t know anything about all of these buildings.

I think this is an identifier for the underground river.

The underground river.

SAM_2247 Edit 600

That’s Anziano Kelley on the left.  His companion, Anziano Maxwell, is in the middle.  And Craig’s companion, Anziano Bahmer is on the right.  I’m not sure who they are talking to.

This looks like their lunch break.  That’s Anziano Maxwell and Anziano Bahmer.

Craig with Anziano Kelley!  YAY!

These last two pictures were sent to me this morning by the mother of Craig’s new companion, Anziano Bahmer.  Thanks, Mieke!  I can see Craig has his suitcase.  I bet this was taken on the last leg of his journey to Brindisi.

And that’s Anziano Bahmer with his new half-size guitar.  Craig mentioned that he likes music!


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