Surprise Baptism!

Hey Famiglia!

So this week was a little bit long.  We spend a LOT of time finding here in Brindisi.  Especially at this moment because we don’t exactly really have any investigators… 😦  But there was a cool experience on Saturday.  The Anziani here have been working on teaching a lady named Mary.  She had a date set for last Saturday, but while planning we decided that it would be best to give her some more time and let her prepare a little bit more.  But on Tuesday she called us and said, “I want to do this.  I want to get baptized on Saturday!”  And so we got her an interview, and she was baptized!  It was pretty cool.

The funny part is that we went to the sea, and that day happened to be SUPER windy.  The sea was super agitated.  The waves were MASSIVE! (for some Italians, especially for a BAPTISM).  For swimming/surfing the waves were just fine.  But for a baptism, it was not exactly what you want…  Usually there aren’t waves in the seas over here in Italy, they are fairly calm.  The problem was that we couldn’t hear the ordinance, and me and Anziano Bahmer hadn’t planned on getting in, but we needed to witness it.  So we hiked up our suit pant legs and waded in a little ways so we could hear and see decently.  But as we followed them out to the max that we could go without getting completely wet, we watched as they got beat around by the waves.  Presidente Casti baptized her, by the way.  He couldn’t manage to start the ordinance because they kept getting knocked off their feet.  But the moment he raised his hand, the waves seemed to calm down for a moment.  He baptized Mary, and shortly after the waves re-commenced to hammer on them once again!  It was a nutzo experience.  The surfer out in the water seemed pretty confused….  Haha.

I’m excited for general conference this week!  It should be really good.

This week was a little bit rough for me. I had a little experience though with PMG [Preach My Gospel manual]. One evening I admitted to myself that I was feeling a bit discouraged and such, but the next morning during personal study, I opened up to chapter one of PMG, thinking it would be a good idea to review it. I got a little slap in the face as I read the lines where it says, “DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED. It weakens your faith, effectiveness, and desire for the work.” (not exact quote).  So I’m doing my best to push ahead here!

Our English course groups here are pretty cool though.  We’re hoping we can turn some of them into some good investigators.

Today we’re doing some shopping.  I really need a new pair of slacks for the winter, and I spotted some simple black ones for €14 that I’ll probably snatch up.  I need new shoes too, but I’m milking these ones for all I can get!  They still work. 🙂  I also will probably buy another white shirt or two.  I need to get that winter wardrobe a little updated!

Well, that’s probably all the interesting news I’ve got for you all today!  We’re hoping they implement the iPads down here pretty soon.  We could use them!

I can’t think of too much else to report on!  I’m bummed the Cougs didn’t play this week, but maybe a break did them some good to get a good game plan for Utah State!  Our address is Via Trento, 74.  Brindisi.  I’m not sure of the zip code…

I think that packages may be brought down to zone conference, so maybe next week I’ll get that one sitting in the office!  I’m excited.

That’s about it for now.  See ya next week!

Anziano Jones

These first three pictures were taken at Mary’s baptism before they went to the sea to baptize her.

Mary with Anziano Bahmer and Craig.

Craig shortly after arriving at the sea for the baptism.

Anziano Kelley and Craig.

Both of these panorama photos can be clicked on to see a larger view.

I miss my Craigy-Bear!

Presidente Casti and Mary walking out to the sea.

Craig and Anziano Bahmer with their pant legs rolled up so that they can witness (see and hear) the baptism.  You can see the waves are starting to come up.

This is when Presidente Casti was baptizing Mary.  Click on the photo for a larger view.

Craig said these pictures of “some cool graffiti” were taken in Brindisi.

This photo of Craig was also taken in Brindisi.



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