Weird Conversations

Hey Famiglia!

Well this week was sort of fun. As you’ve probably already seen, we had zone conference! Those are always fun to see everyone. It was also fun to start digging into my package a little bit. Jerky is always one of my favorites!!! I haven’t received the Halloween card yet.

We had some interesting experiences this week. One old guy came to our English course for the first time and in the middle of the lesson, he stood up and started chewing us out for being poor English teachers and said he didn’t understand anything and that it was a big waste of time.  Then he stormed out of the room. Everyone kind of looked at him funny. That was weird. Then while I was doing an exchange with Anziano Kelley, we were talking to one couple in Lecce when a random crazy girl walked up to us asking the weirdest questions. Then while this weird exchange was going on, another crazy old man came up and said, “You’d better give me 50 cents for a coffee! If you don’t, you’ll have to marry me!! I’ve got blue eyes!!! You’d better give me 50 cents, quick! If you don’t, I’ll get angry!!!” We stared kind of blankly at him, then he rode off on his bike… Interesting stuff.

This week we tried out a new finding technique…. Whiteboarding!! That was super fun. We walked around with a small little whiteboard that said, “How many times have you smiled today?” It worked out pretty well.  We had lots of good conversations with people.

As far as those clothes go, I paid 12 for the pants, and 3 Euros for some gloves for the winter. I also got a new white shirt for 8 (all Euros!!).  I really have no idea how much shoes will cost. Probably 30-40 Euros, but I’m not looking to buy any right away. The ones I have are still holding on!

I don’t have Aunt Linda’s e-mail, but be sure to wish her a happy birthday from me! I sent a little post card to them around Dave’s birthday time as well. And it’s also Grammie’s birthday this week!!!! That’s really awesome too.

We did get to see a nice Ferrari on the streets. While me and Kelley were walking, we also noticed that sweatshirt in the window with a BYU helmet on it. It made us laugh pretty good. Italians always have random college’s logos on their clothes (LSU, Alabama, Florida), but this was the first time I’ve seen a BYU one. There’s also a picture of me with the whiteboard. The night time photos are of Ostuni, which didn’t come out too good. But it is a really cool little white city. We went with an investigator there.

I also gave a talk this week. I talked a little bit about Christlike attributes again! I always enjoy studying about each of those principles.

Anyways, the time kind of flew this week! That’s really all I have to say! I’m bummed the Cougars couldn’t manage to pull off a win against Florida! Oh, by the way, I mentioned my whole ecclesiastical endorsement thing to President Waddoups, and he went ahead and gave me the interview real quick. He said once I get things moving he can go ahead and approve it when the right time comes around.

Well, for now… That’s about it!

Anziano Jones

These first several pictures are from Sister Waddoups’ blog, and they were taken at the Bari Zone Conference last Tuesday.  Craig is in the center of the back row.  Click photo to see a larger view.

That’s Anziano Kelley on the left and Craig in the middle.

Craig, Anziano Kelley, and Anziano Bahmer.

Here they are making bracelets out of beads.  Each bead is supposed to represent a blessing. The sister missionaries kept their bracelets, and the elders were told they could give them to their mother, sister, or girlfriend.

In this photo, they are all showing off their blessing bracelets.  Click photo for a larger view.

You can tell that Craig’s companion, Anziano Bahmer, loves to sing.

My cutie pie!

After Craig got back home from zone conference, he opened the package we sent to him. We put his birthday and Christmas presents in there as well as a few snacks.  Some of the candy and the plastic guns were from Craig’s sister, Ashley.  Thanks to our neighbors, the Hills, for taking Craig’s package to the mission home when they were on vacation in Rome in July.

This was taken in Mesagne, a little city where the missionaries teach an English course on Wednesdays.

The Ferrari that Craig saw when he was with Anziano Kelley in Lecce.

The BYU sweatshirts they saw in the store window!

Craig showing his whiteboard message:  “How many times did you smile today?”

I found this picture of Ostuni on Wikipedia, and it explains why Craig referred to it as a white city.  The article on Wikipedia stated that the area around Ostuni has been inhabited since the Stone Age!  Wow!  All of the rest of the pictures below were taken by Craig when the elders went to Ostuni one night with an investigator, but like he said, some of the photos didn’t come out too good.


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