Elders! Come on up!

Hey Famiglia!

This week we had a really cool thing happen.  Last night we passed by one of the inactive’s addresses on our member list, hoping to be let in.  We had passed by a couple of times before, but we were turned away.  When we rang, we heard, “Anziani!  Salite!” [Elders!  Come on up!] and we got buzzed in.  She told us that she needed our help.  She had a dream of her father who died a year ago.  Her father came to her in the dream and asked her, “How do we find the Anziani?  Will they come here?”  She knew she needed to have his baptism done in the temple.  She gave us her father’s information so we can pass it on to the leaders of our branch.  It was really cool, and her son was really cool (about 26-28 yrs old).  She has been inactive for at least 30 years and out of contact for a good while.  She changed her numbers and everything a year ago and so has been unreachable.  We have her phone number and everything now and are hoping to pass by often!  She LOVES basketball too.  It’s really funny.  Brindisi actually has a pretty good basketball team.

It’s hard to believe that transfer calls are this week!!  The only question really is if Anziano Bahmer goes or not.  It’s pretty obvious I’ll be sticking around for this one!

I’m really bummed about that BYU football… Rats!  I hope they can turn it all around…  Oh well.  I guess I don’t feel so bad about missing out on this season after all!! 🙂  At least their basketball schedule looks pretty good!  That should be fun to watch.

That’s cool that Jordan had his farewell already!  It’s strange that all those guys are gone now too.

I read 2 Nephi 26:23-24 and also 28:30 recently which proved really usefull lately.  I like those scriptures quite a bit.  The first one was handy because we had an investigator that was convinced that his quiting smoking was in the hands of God, and it was His will if he couldn’t manage to quit.  It was kind of a strange way to view that…  But we tried to help him out and explain it all to him.  That scripture was awesome!

I’m really sorry, because I don’t have any pictures for you this week…  Sorry!  I didn’t see anything super cool that really grabbed my attention to snap a picture.  It was a pretty ordinary week!

Well, for now, I think I’ll end the update at that. President Waddoups will be in Germany this week for a Mission President’s Seminar.  We think he’ll be getting the whole scoop on iPad minis there, and then we’ll be receiving them very soon!!! We can’t wait for them.  That will be super awesome.

Anziano Jones

I found this picture on Sister Waddoups’ blog and thought it was funny.  If you can’t read the sign, click on the photo for a larger view.


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